I hate Kronya

Not really a spoiler

I just like to have options. I want to see everything that could happen even if it shouldn’t.

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I guess IS gave her to us as the first antagonist in FEH precisely because how little time she has in the game, even if she


Killed Jeralt, which is a BIG thing. Maybe she was tired of Leonie talking about him. “Jeralt this, Jeralt that”: Jeralt died.

I hope we can see the Death Knight soon, or the other ones that I wont be naming.

I also thought, about Kronya,

More spoilers

that we could have the choice to rewind to save her, even if I wouldnt do it, at least in my first playthrough. I kinda felt sorry about her, tbh. Jeralt was stabbed, but she was brutally murdered in return lol

Not a Spoiler

There’s a lot of spoiler tags around

Definitely a spoiler

You’re right, there really are


I just found her disappointing. Yeah, she ended up being important, but after that she became more irrelevent then Kellam, I feel.

But DLC is (probably) going to be a thing. Hopefully that expands on her character.

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Not a spoiler

Distant Guard is tasty!


Yeah, I think I would’ve put Death Knight as the first GHB unit, not Kronya. He seems almost perfect for it, really:
-Recurring Antagonist
-Unique Weapon

I expect to see him in the near future, though. Probably not as a TT unit, but definitely as some sort of GHB.

Oh my God, Leonie legitimately pisses me off everytime she opens her mouth.

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She’s Faye, but for Captain Jeralt