I have been trying to summon for Tiki since she came out, I had 40000 wyrmite and didn’t get her -_- . So I grinded out the story to get wyrmite and did a tenfold after.

I got this and I am now wanting to just quit the game…


I’m sorry to hear that, but on a side note, you used 40k Wyrmites that you have gather from in-game and not by buying it with real money – it should still be safe to play the game.

May RNGesus bless you in the future!

Gacha is a bitch sometimes.

Fun Fact: The first adventurer to have a rate higher than 0.5%, Tiki is actually the easiest to get ever :feh_tikiga:

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Oof…I did some math and the gacha got cha’.
96.34% chances…

If it makes you feel better, I had the same experience with MH Sarisse. Sometimes the game is just plain sadistic.

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I felt that about Sarisse, oof.

Thank Ilia that we got Pipple immediately after to lessen the blow.

I got 5 Chroms and no Peonys. From now on, I will hate Chrom until Peony comes home.