I have 101 heroic grails, but... (The poll is done)



I want to start REALLY investing in some grail units. Mainly, NY Corrin, because his extremely high DEF, Garon, because his great DEF and RES, specifically when merged, and Marisa, cause her pretty balanced stats. Depending on the results, the unit I choose, I’ll merge up when I have enough grails again. I just want to know which is best for investment. So which one? (This poll ends at 12:00 A.M.)

  • NY Corrin
  • Garon
  • Marisa

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I voted for LA!Eliwood.


He’s not an option lol. I accidentally included him at first. Sorry about the confusion. It’s edited out now.


Garon is a pretty boring dragon, plus A!Tiki is just as easily available, if not more so than him.

I’d go for NY!Corrin.


Honestly, it depends on how much you’re willing to invest.

Corrin is a nice unit to use, but he requires quite a bit of investment. Things like Close Counter, Sturdy Impact, Special Spiral, etc.

Garon is a nice unit that doesn’t really require that much investment. Quick Riposte (unless you’re using the B slot), and maybe a Breath skill, will probably be the most costly for him.

Marisa, I’m not entirely sure. I haven’t really looked at her much.


I’ve seen really good builds for Marisa and NY!Corrin, but I gotta vote Corrin due to there being a bunch of red swords with the same niche, speedy tank. He does require a whole bunch of SI, but if you have that he can be really cool.

For my suggestions on builds, I would reccommend a couple different sets, depending on what you want and what you have. Brave Bow, Sturdy Impact, Bonfire and Brashperation for the huge special procs. Or, Firesweep, Close Counter, Null-C and the QR seal. There are a bunch of different ways of building him that make him a pretty cool unit.


But if you use Gordin you dont have to use any grails!


Garon is a solid dragon unit that can help fight off annoyances like B!Lyn. Plus he’s decently swole, the others are twigs.


@SSKablooie I was thinking this build for NY Corrin.


Brashperation? The build looks fine, it’s just that he has dual phased skills. He’s also an enemy phased unit, unless you give him Brave bow.

I actually dread that day when we will get Death Blow seal.

Insert Reinhardt smiling


Quick Riposte isn’t that great on ranged units with garbage resistance or with no Close Counter, so I’d recommend changing the B slot to something else.

Like @LuteTheGod suggested, Desperation can work if you have Brash Assault in the Seal slot, letting him double units if requirements are met.






So what build should I give Garon, since he’s probably winning?


I was thinking of going with this after I finished Walmart.

It’s a bit in the premium side, but it’s the cliche dragon set up. Works great too.


Weapon - Lightning Breath, Water Breath, or Light Breath are good options. Lightning Breath provides a free Distant Counter while Water Breath provides bulk during combat (so it stacks with other buffs) while Light Breath provides buffs to the team (visible, so it doesn’t stack with other visible buffs).

A - Distant Counter (if you’re using any Breath that’s not Lightning Breath), Fortress Def/Res, Steady/Warding Breath, and Steady Stance are nice options for increasing his survivability.

B - Quick Riposte and Guard are honestly the only two skills I can think of to give him (that is worth it). You can go with Obstruct, but that’s a pretty meh skill.

C - Atk Smoke, Ploys, Infantry Pulse are good options for team support.

Seal - Depends on the rest of the build.


A build with his weapon. His weapon helps him a lot.


The problem with his prf Breath skill is that it can’t be refined and the effect isn’t that great. I mean the dragon effect nullifier is good, but the second effect is not good except for maybe Aether Raids?


Well, DC is probably going to an option for an A Skill. Unless he’s a melee fighter. As @Krazytre mentioned, some Prf Breath weapons are trash due to them not having great effects and being able to be refined.


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