I have 2 cav mists. +atk and +spd do i use her or just fodder her off for like swift sparrow or gronnblooms?



questions in the title


At the very least I can tell you that the fodder isn’t good enough to waste a unit like her.
Her weapon especially is pretty much equal to a gronowl you can get from Boey. The owl might even be better.

Personally I’d say go for speed


Personally I find this tome too much like owl to care for fodder, and I think Swift Sparrow is very meh and not all that good. I would keep the best one and fodder off the other for her assist skill for arena


ill keep her for now, but I don’t really like using cavalry… its a bit finicky to use since they get hindered so much by forests and other stuff.


Take Swift Sparrow 1 and two and her Assist skill for arena. And use +Spd


Actually looking back at this cant you just inherit dartinblow 1 from Florina and then get both Swift Sparrow 2 and the Rally skill?


Yes, you could


Don’t know why I didn’t mention this first. Probably just figured the core wouldn’t want it,