I have 300k feathers, help!

So i have 300k feathers and i have no idea which unit to +10. The only ones i have so far are Aversa and Kronya so I’m reluctant to just drop 200k on someone untested. I know everyone has bias, but I’m welcome to that… So whats a “common” unit i can 5*+10 that you’ve loved having on your squad?

I’ll also note i have trouble with abysmal maps so any unit that typically does well for you on those, I’d love to hear it.

Thanks, All!


Effie or the green Effie are normally the bog standard first +10 safe bets
Also welcome back


Yeah ive thought of effie, her atk gets absurdly high when fully merged. Plus i have bold fighter to stick on her as well.

I flip flop daily tho. I feel like i want to go with an infantry unit, just for the movement flexibility … Then i think about frederick maxed out… But i kinda maybe hate horse units? No clue. I’ve stumped myself.


Depends. What are you looking for? Is this for arena? Do you want a support? Tank? Offensive unit? What color?


Healers are usually nice, maybe Serra.

Or you could do good ol’ Legualt.

I personally liked Chrom, especially as a pseudo-healer.


Low investment 3-4 */grail units - Virion, Tharja, Catria/Est. Useful across game modes, cheap, zero premium fodder needed.

medium investment - Eliwood (functional with a budget build, a lot better with SS3 and/or lull due to mediocre spd), Ares (DC), Nino (odd atk wave, fury 4 or bonus doubler if you’re fancy).

high investment - Kronya (SS, CC), Lilina (SS, DB4)

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Don’t have one, but Raven is a pretty useful offensive axe
He can Galeforce, he can FB4/HB4, he can pure DB4 Desperation, he can even Pavise + Shield Pulse

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I’ve got both a +10 Raven and a +10 Libra, and I’d say Libra is much more worth it. Though, personally, OP, I’d really recommend Marth. Here’s mine:


Yes, it depends of what you need, but I’ll leave somes examples of units that can make great use of them:

Rinea: has balanced stats for a dancer and can get incredibly tanky at range, she’s also a nice support addition

& if you search a non-grail character I’ve got this:

Nino: She’s cute and does her best :feh_nino:.
A strong bladetome unit, she’s high base attack + high speed, she even has good resistance.

Oh and welcome back!

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Hmm I’ve seen quite a few people use Life and Death over Fury or Bonus doubler. Does she have trouble getting into desperation range?

No & I happen to have L!Eliwood + L!Azura to boost her quickly for a +12 to all stats, Kaden could even add a bit more of invisible buffs:

(Open video in a new tab)

She’ll have a hard time with [Dull Ranged 3] or anything similar, but when there’s nothing like that on the maps she gets really strong & can easily enter the ranges of power.

[Life and Death 3] is pretty budget & my choice for now, [Fury 3] cam be considered but [Bonus Doubler 3] is sure to go on her someday


I guess across the board, the most useful unit would be M!Corrin. Pairs up well with your Kronya, but also doubles as one of the best buffers in Arena. Anything you pair him up with can also destroy abyssals.

For me, the most overpowered units for PvE content are H!Jakob, L!Alm and Ophelia, but none of those are F2P friendly (I have all of them at +0 or +1 as I was a day 1 player). Alm took me over 800 orbs to get two copies thusfar -.-

Other then that, a bladetome+desperation would probably work best in PvE. Maybe Raven/Linus.

I’m a big fan of Eliwood :hridexcited:


From recent refines Subaki, Selena and Virion come to mind

The first two are excellent mixed phase duelists atm. I find Subaki’s refine a slightly stronger version but Selena has infantry skills.
Depents on who you need more

Virion is a great support now. Slap an hp/spd 2 seal on him and he’s ready to go. I’m enjoying him a lot.

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People: I need advice!
Also people: Don’t respond to any advice :hecmad:

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Ahhh yeah forgot about him. Good to know with the abyssals

W!Cecilia is pretty sold and with some premium fodder i think she can tank most thing abyssal maps can throw at her. Og M!corrin is a solid buffbot. Titania can give a full spectrum buff to a mixed team fairly easily. Tailtiu is solid either with her Prf or her blade tome.

Still need a few more copies, but this is one part of my feather stash

Even at 5*+4 with this setup he just eats melee units alive. Minimum 50 damage ignis bombs upon initiation when hes by himself. So hes definitely satisfying the goal of clearing abyssals.

:b:ignis :feh_rein:

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