I have a 3 star shadow charmander, is it worth it to power up?

I already transferred frustration from it before. Its sort of the only shadow i have rn that i got all the candy in the world to power up, question is should i do it? Im presuming it’s best to wait till December com?

You can power up your Charmander now, no problem. You can even buy the seond move now no problem.

BUT if you want the CD move Blastburn you will have to wait to EVOLVE your from Chamander to a Charizard.

So for the CD move you must wait, but you can power up your Charmander every time you have the Task Power Up Pokémon 3 times no problem with that.

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It depends, what is your current fire squad? How much stardust do you have? Do you usually short man raids?

I assume if you want to power it up is to use it in raids/PVP/gym/shadow

For PVP the shadow will not help much

For gyms and shadows it is usually not necessary as a normal fire attacker powered up does the trick (reshiram, chandelure, heatran, BB starters, moltres, etc)

For raids it would be useful as a shadow Blast burn charizard will be better than most pokemon as a fire attacker, however if you do not have already a team of 5 fire attackers powered up to 40 you may be better using your dust in these rather than powering up a single mon.

It’s a cool shadow pokmeon. I’d do it for the looks, not for the stats. It’s not as necessary to have one. It’s not a bad investment either though

Speaking of CD moves

Excuse me?
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