I have a question about nikola

Hi i just used a ticket and got nikola tesla since he is my first five star im really happy but i dont know how to use him can anyone tell me how to use him

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A decent anti servant unit as he has a bonus vs any servant who has earth or sky traits (which is almost all of them) that scales with overcharge and a VERY strong farmer

Skill priority is
3 > 2 >1

50% battery means you can use a lot of event CE’s to boost his damage output and np turn 1 eg Golden Sumo, Holy Night Supper, Halloween Princess, Aerial Drive. 2nd skill just increases his dmg output even more. A little bit RNG at 80% chance but fairly reliable. Guts always activates


I see ok then thx for the info

AC Master Race!!!


I like to read rabbit’s review

Or use GP

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Ok i will read it thanks for the info

:yum: I just got tesla too! But from GSSR.

Have you been through London yet? I absolutely hated the boss fights against tesla on my young account. Short bar with TWO skills related to charging up, plus invincibility pierce for 3 turns making you nearly helpless from his np’s. (I only had liz and cu back then, no way I could quickly end the fight.)

But all those things that made tesla a beast to fight will make him a fabulous servant. 50% charge on AoE np is the recipe for farming king. Bring a powerful 50% ce (like aerial dive this Halloween) and instant np. Or an even more powerful ce like black grail and waver, instant mega np. Invincibility pierce means that you can ignore the enemies efforts to protect themselves without having to bring inferior CE’s that grant the effect. And the broad trait bonus damage, means he will hit like a truck (or shall we say, a cybertruck? :crazy_face:) when facing those heaven and earth enemies.

He might not have a very interesting design, but he’s a great servant to be on your side.


He works well with Thomas Edison

You mean he constantly argues with Edison in the never ending AC/DC supremacy disagreement?

They need to have unique dialogue when pair together…


He can farm and he do a lot of damage against heaven or earth servants, but remember do his strengthening first otherwise he hits potato damage

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I will add: Don’t forget to do his interludes and rank ups once you reached bond levels with him. He has quite a few (3 I think) That’s nice bit of SQ + better performance of course. :cloud_with_lightning:

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3 upgrades, but only 1 sq for the RUQ. Interludes don’t give sq if there’s an upgrade (unless that changes in future like 14mil campaign changing RUQs from 1-2 sq reward)

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Im actually on the story where there is francis drake i think its the third singularity but thx its good to know he is going to help for future singularities i will go through

Okk thx for the info

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