I have a question about the Arena

To anyone that takes the Arena seriously, does Hero Merit boost your score? Because aside from the occasional 500 feathers, I’m unsure of what else it does

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HM has no effect on Arena score


Hero Merit just shows how many feathers you can still get from that unit. At 6000, you can get no more feathers. You get 500 feathers for every 500 HM you get.

An okay. Thanks both of you :3
But… For C Skills, i do have a premium-ish C Skill, but, only one problem:

It’s Joint Hone Spd and Duo Marth has it. I don’t use him that much, because he’s -Spd. Plus, for archers, i use Legendary Chrom. At this point, I’m okay with giving Joint Hone spd to someone, probably Reyson

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The other thing is that Duo Marth is currently the only unit that has Daring Fighter.

I’d say keep him, I feel like it is just as good to have the one premium skill. It won’t make much of an increase if any. It does increase it, but you’ll need like two units with them to really make a difference. What is the highest you can score at the moment?

The current highest is 3,728. The most I think I can score is 3,730, but it won’t make much of a difference

I gave Lysithea Rally Atk/Spd+, which has helped a tiny bit, but not much.

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Doesn’t seem that the score won’t help you to get to 21.
I’m scoring 3774 (two off :feh_elisad:) and I’m not sure if I will be able to get there, or even stay in 20.

you should be able to come back and forth from 20 and 19 if you always have the bonus unit. You may want to start investing in a somewhat newer unit as they usually score better because they have a higher BST. Or an armor. If you don’t have any bonus unit for a season, you may want to start build up the Askr Trio.

It helps a lot with score, Dual skill rallies and Harsh command+ are the highest scoring Assist abilities. Where did you get it from though? it’s better to put it on your Core three units.

Atk/Spd+ came from Adrift Female Corrin
I have Rally Spd/Def+ I can give to Reinhardt, but… The Quan that has it has good IVs! (-HP +Atk)

I also have Rally UP Atk+ fodder named Hostile Springs Elise, even though she was a pain to summon…

How much have you used that Quan? Did you give him anything worth while?

No. I don’t use him, since

  1. I don’t use Calvary units that much (except for Reinhardt)
  2. No build planned for him.
  3. I think Rally UP Atk might be better, even though Elise has Red Hot Ducks and Swift Sparrow and those two skills are also good (just not on Reinhardt)
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Definitely things to think about, but I’m not good with foddering decisions myself.

Eh, honestly, I think I’ll fodder off Rally UP Atk, since Elise has been collecting dust.

I guess 3,730 does make more of a difference than I thought…
(I still need to score higher, though. Sadly, I don’t think I can stay in tier 20, next season, because I doubt I’ll have any bonus units. I know there’s the Askr trio, but I don’t give two shits about using them)

Are there any seals that can increase Arena Scores? (I’m sorry if it’s a dumb question)

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Seals increase the score like their skill counter parts. Examples of the highest are the blade skills, Sturdy Blow, QR, Renewal. Death blow 3, Vantage, and Desperation are example that don’t score as high.

Do chill skills score good, or would something like Guidance do okay? (If it scores good, I’m thinking about giving Reyson the Guidance Seal)

If you wish to check the score of each ability, just put them in here.
I’m tired right now.