I have a spare Winter Chrom, and need help

I have two Winter Chroms, ones a +atk/-res, the other is a +def/-hp.

First off, which should I keep.
Second, what should I do with the other.

P.s. I would prefer not to merge them unless W!Chrom has no real value as inheritance fodder.

The only thing he has as inheritance is his axe (which I find situational and not worth foddering imo), Atk/Def Brazen which is available on a 4 star Ares, and Wary Fighter which is available on a 4 star Effie.

I’d just merge into the +Atk one and use him. He’s a great axe armor and has a great statline. He can easily abuse a Brave Axe+ build with his massive Atk stat.


I second the idea of Mr.Pizzaman.

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Well, I’d keep the +Atk one and then fodder off Sack O’ Gifts to someone. Particularly someone that can make use of every single stat.

The three units that come to mind are Arthur, Libra, and Narcian.

It’s a refine-able weapon that gives +2 to all stats on enemy phase, so giving it to someone with workable stats all around can really give units a decent boost, especially if the unit has a decent merge number.

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Wh…who’s Mr. Pizzaman?

Thank you! I think I’ll go with the merge then.