I have an idea for a build, and I'd like some feedback

I want to put Aether on L!Hector, so I made a build for him.

Preferred IV: +Atk/Def, -Spd (Res is usable, but not recommended)

Weapon: Slaying Axe+ (Any effect works)

Assist Skill: Flexible, but I like Pivot.

Special: Aether

Passives: Distant Counter, Vengeful Fighter, and Ostian Pulse (last one is flexible)

Seal: Armored Boots

The goal of this build is to use Aether in every round of combat. Now, let’s say that Hector gets attacked in Enemy Phase. The enemy attacks. Aether charge goes from 4 to 3. Hector attacks. Special charge goes from 3 to 1. Enemy attacks again. Special is ready. Hector uses Aether. Would this build work well?

I wouldn’t risk it. His magic bulk isn’t the greatest and being able to get doubled means there’s a high chance he’s KO’d before he can proc Aether to save himself. On top of that, he’s liable to chunk the opponent first hit - which means less HP for him to heal off of from Aether.

It’s a good build, but a poor choice on L-Hector. His Res is low, so he is much better off blocking doubles with Thunder Armads. You give up his niche trying to throw him in solo to get doubled.

Consider using Sheena instead. She pulls off this build much better thanks to her much higher Res.


I use both Aether and Bonfire on L! Hector, and I’ve found that Aether is most useful in PvE maps, like chain challenges, where he can take on multiple melee and archer enemies and keep healing himself. Also, I just use Thunder Armads, so he’s hitting Aether every other round instead of every round, but as long as he isn’t getting hit by red mages or really powerful green mages, he’s fine, and he won’t get doubled.

Bonfire and Draconic Aura are both better in general if you don’t need the sustain for multiple combats, or if you aren’t trying to get more Arena points. With a 3CD special he can tank a hit, counter, cancel the enemy follow up with Armads, then fire of his special immediately.

If you’re planning on activating Aether for the second hit in combat, in most cases the extra damage and healing will go to waste because his massive attack will weaken the enemy unit so much so that the bonuses are negligible. Charging up Aether in one combat and then using it to heal on a full hp opponent is a much better strategy imo.

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