I have no idea about arena

It’s probably stupid to ask this, but when you win an arena battle, you get the score of the battle, plus some random number, and I don’t know where that number come from. In my case is a 12

So can someone tell me why is that number? And how can I increase it


Bonus unit kill score. It’s always 12.

Just make sure your bonus unit gets a kill in every match.


Bonus unit kill.

It use to be 3 per unit that the bonus killed(so you needed yours to kill all of them) but its been merged into ‘as long as they kill something you get the bonus points’.


The “740” part of the score is not completely random, it’s within a given range based on your team. The “12” part of your score is a reward for using a bonus unit (Byleth duo) and them getting at least 1 kill in the match.

You can ‘fish’ for higher scores by spending crests and not battling to see your cap. To rank up, this score has to be within a particular range, so if you are on the cusp of going up a tier, you will need to spend crests to get those upper range matches. Even 2 points can net you a higher tier if you are at the cusp.

To increase the 740 score, you need 3 highly merged (or +10) units with high BST/or using duel skills. Then you need all units to have the highest costing SP skills (personal/refinable weapon, duel rally+, aether/galeforce/blue flame, yellow border A slot skill (or distant counter/duel skill), 240 B skill (renewal), and a yellow border C skill (or 240 like a smoke skill). Use https://www.arcticsilverfox.com/score_calc/ to help you see how you can make your 740 range higher with units you have.


RE: SP Skills - it is based on the cost of the unit that comes with the skill. So by ‘240’ it means what the original unit with the skill would cost to get the level 3 version of. Note when it is inherited to ANY other unit, there’s 50% increase for the new unit to learn (so it would be at 360 for a 240 skill). Yellow border skills are 300 for the original unit, and 450 for unit that got with inheritance.

Assists - you will need to adjust strategies to use rally skills, as those are more expensive than movement ones. Particularly the duel rally plus skills are best, and non-plus duel rally being the next best option.

Best F2P arena units include mostly Gen 3/4 units like Ross, Valbar, Echnida (spelling mistake) - like armors and infantry. Grails units include Astram, Itsuki, Flame Emperor, and really any modern GHB/TT unit. Most fliers need a duel skill, along with any non-armor range unit. All cavs are not worth it, unless they are a legendary hero with duel skill built in.

ALL Healers are also not worth it either. Even with a duel skill and a dual balm special, they still fall short since the vast majority do not have a preference weapon and have less access to skills - and often their fodder is super expensive and hard to acquire with orbs. Even the most optimized healers score a whole 6 points less than any other infantry unit with a duel skill and an optimized set.

These skills need to be on all units, including bonus unit to get the highest range of scores. (probably best to have different skill sets, one for arena, one for non-arena, etc).


Others have already explained how scoring works, so I’ll just add that this site can calculate how your team will score. Pretty useful. Just plug in your units and you’ll be good.


Wow you did a pretty complete explanation. I have to say that I knew how did scoring worked but the tips about which units are the best is really useful. Thank you so much for it

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Actually I do use it because I don’t like to do the calcs myself