I have no idea what to do now

So…Tomorrow, I will hit 3k gems again and I want try my luck one last time before Cynthia goes away. However, I don’t know whether to pull or save my gems for a future 5* unit that might be really good.

Advice appreciated. Thanks.

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These games always have those future possibilities, and most likely there should be someone really good.
It all comes down to how much you like this banner (like you know how much I’ve spent for this one. xd), and how you don’t care having to save and skip the next couple banners. Emotional payoff vs. possible regret.
So, if you have no attachment nor you don’t see something noteworthy in this one, then probably skip because it’s not a guarantee you’ll get something (and luck plays a big part still).
I’d say you should tho, because Cynthia. Heh

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Hmm. Biggest concern as of now is Leaf and Eevee, because I don’t know if they are good.

It’s not like Cynthia or Garchomp are my personal favorites though. It’s just that a lot of people are speaking very well of Garchomp’s power so I did 40 pulls on this banner (and got nothing but a Grimsley dupe ofc).

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Yeah, sadly we won’t know tomorrow just in time for your possible last pull.

And I don’t even have a favorite pair in the first place, I just bought in from the long lasting hype for Cynthia ever since. (Like, I find Garchomp’s post-Mega move, Slash, “lacking”, tbh.) Lol
Either way, their skill set is good. I even completed their Sync Grid the first day it came out.

Well, I’ll just say goodluck if you ever decide to pull another one. So you can try them out yourself, hopefully. :)

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From my point of view, they’re a niche Sync Pair. According to datamines, the only buff they have at will is X Attack All because while the Sync move buffs a lot of stuff, it’s still a Sync move… that only buffs Eevee. It’s not a bad SP but it’s mostly made for longer Co-op fights and doesn’t even buff pretty well for them, so I wouldn’t say it’s a strong pair either. Probably good just to have, just not a must-have.

As for Cynthia, if you still don’t have her then I highly recommend using your gems. Garchomp is good even with its downsides and still has room to grow, should its Sync Grid expand with useful buffs. If you already have Cynthia then you should ask yourself if you’re willing to sacrifice next month’s new Sync Pairs, because you probably won’t get them considering how low you are on gems.

I’m currently considering pulling a bit more for her because if her Sync Grid gets that Sync move level wall I don’t want to be standing behind it forever until her spotlight shows up again, but I’m also afraid I might get too low on gems while not knowing what gachas we’ll get after Leaf & Eevee, because if they’re desirable in any way, I’m going to miss those gems.

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Ok then. Guess I’m not holding back on my Gems.


(insert Hero’s Kamikazee effect)

Well at least this time 2 5*s. All dupes tho.

Let’s Go!: Increases the move gauges of all allied sync pairs by two. Sharply raises the user’s Attack.
Endless Possibilities Extreme Evoboost: Increases the user’s move gauge by the sync move’s current level. Sharply raises the Attack, Defense, Sp. Atk, Sp. Def, and accuracy of all allied sync pairs.

The video they just posted on Twitter shows the Sync Move raising Speed instead of Accuracy though. Which is a big letdown considering Iron Tail’s 75% accuracy. It makes sense as it is how the original move works, but still… I’m also troubled by the fact that “Let’s Go!” only raises her own Attack and not her allies too, while the Sync Move doesn’t increase allies’s move gauge in Co-op, just their stats. Weird stuff for a Support Sync Pair, I must say.

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Oh, it doesn’t buff allies as well? That’s a shame, this actually makes them a super niche SP, made specifically for Co-op and maybe upcoming contents if they allow switching characters. Other than that, not a good unit imo.

Leaf Banner!
She and Eevee, kawaii!! :D