I have two questions

Should I change the snowflake dagger from Mirabilis to courtly mask since it will give her damage reduction and a +5 boost in atk/res but she loses the +3 from the weapon and the +5 def/res from the -5 atk debuff Mine is +res -def and she might be only fighting mages since archers will knock her down like a flyswatter.

Also my tickets landed me a new year Lethe I dont know If I should keep her or fodder her she is +def -res, brave Micaiah can deal with most of the foes Lethe would, so limited GHB is not that important, her only use might be for a joke AR team with Kempf and Petrine.

  • Give Mirabilis courtly mask
  • Dont give

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  • Fodder NY Lethe
  • Dont do it she can be useful

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Mira: support dancer. Her Prf grants her allies effective stats where courtly would only increase her survivability. Imo most support units ought to keep their Prf’s.

Lethe: if you have Freyja, fodder. Freyja has a very similar statline, the same Spd-based DR, but DC and buff-vampirism built in. If you don’t, hang onto her until you get Freyja.


Yes I do own a -def +res Freyja so I guess Lethe doesnt bring anything new to the table.

We’re getting a Ny!Lethe manual in the limited code section so hold on to your current copy until you need to fodder her off.


I’d keep Lethe. Her prf is pretty solid, and she’ll get a good refine in a timely manner. IS has been spoiling these prf seasonals. She might end up being a really good hit and run unit. I’d put her into reserves for the time being.