I hqve 2 Questions. First what does the [MAX] mean when a CE says it increaeses something a % [MAX]? Second, which of THESE CEs are best for Lancer Scathach?

I can’t give her what I don’t have.

As a personal fan of face carding I would use the lily drake one, Bestia del Sol.

For the MAX question. It’s part of the indicator that the CE is limit broken. For example your Imaginary Around would say 25% if it was not MLB. The word MAX would not be there.


We have a general questions thread for these type of one off questions.

imo best CE out of this bunch it’s either imaginary around or the MHXA one on the merit that it has 50% charge

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The MAX means a CE is MLB which is when you combine 5 of the same CE… It increases the effect of the CE…

Shishou needs NP gain and Quick up so look for CEs that give those… I can see that you have an MLB Imaginary around which I would put on personally but the Bestia del Sol CE is also ok but it has split buffs so it will mostly be inferior to Imaginary around… Try for CEs with pure ATK as she is a DPS unit. The MHXA CE has split stats iirc so it is lower on the list but if you need the starting charge then you can use it…

Another thing is don’t combine CEs until you have 5 copies of it to get it to MLB… It does not do anything to combine less than 5 so you are just wasting CEs when you could have used them on multiple servants…

Anything that helps Scathach NP earlier is usually preferred since her internals are not good. Her Buster cards can’t quite make up for having such a trash Quick.

If you’re using Scathach, it’s probably for her powerful NP unless you just really like her and want to use her as much as possible.