I just got a Jackpot

My usual routine (i’m doing this for something like a month. So…it’s an habit of mine)

is to do random recruitments. This means, i choose no tags and set timer to 9 hours in all slot.

Reason is: this way, at worst case scenario (all 4 slots get white summons) i earn 40 Green Certificates per day.

That’s not bad, helps me building a pile of Green Certificates so that the next month i can buy all the Tikets and Orundrum.

Today, out of the usual [ 9 hours no tag ] recruitment duffelbag i got this…

Considering that Gamepress write about her immagine

i have to say that i’m very very happy.

I wanted her since the beginning of the game. I hope her rarity is equal to her strength.

Indra finally is mine :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


That’s crazy luck.
I don’t know if it’s worth it to put the tags because of the lmd cost of the million beagles and melanthas, but to get Indra without any tags is insane. Congrats.

I feel you posted about having Vulcan as well. You must be part of a very small lucky group that has both now.


Yes, i do realize that this summon is really insane luck, and wpnt happen again.
Maybe it balances the fact that i did not summon Nian, and probably wont be able to do that since her banner is almost ended.

Yes, i got also Vulcan.
It’s nice because if i get this right, in the future we will get a pass that makes us choose to get Vulcan or Indra.

When that happens, now i can freely choose Indra for a -DP cost, making her cost only 9 DP at E2.

This means, Indra will be able to be used even early like a vanguard. Vigna more or less

Does time set even matter if you don’t have any tags? If I remember correctly, time set only influences the chances that a tag will drop so if you set to 7:40 which guarantees at least a 3 star you’ll end up saving some LMD.

I haven’t bothered raising my indra since I had e2 Vigna + myrtle so I didn’t need any more early dps and Astesia can handle arts dps without needing to use a skill like indra.

If you do decide to invest in Indra, be warned that the game is rigged against her if her skill is on CD because of the dmg calculation in the game. It’s also why Beehunter performance in current content is very weak aside from Aak+Warfarin memes sadly.

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I was thinking of buffing Indra with Sora and a healer like Nightingale who can also do some art protection

Also. I think she could work with a Blaze behind her

Warfarin can heal, buff and give her SP all at the same time. Problem with sora is her buff is scaled with her atk which is really stupid since she caps at like 300+ atk and that requires at least e2 IIRC, meanwhile Warfi just needs skill level 7 for 60% buff.

Also blaze doesn’t need anyone in front of or behind her. She can wreck by herself.

This is a really interesting point. I’ve been setting for 9 hours with no tags, but you’re right, it makes more sense to set to 7:40 and save yourself 100lmd each time.

Who cares for 100 lmd?

I always set no tags and 9 hours, whatever happens, i take it.

Usually it involves getting a Melantha or Lava.

You are right, of course.
I simply do not mind wasting a bit more lmd

Well if you say 100 a month, that’s already 10,000 lmd. It does add up, it’s not loads, but if it doesn’t make any difference to the recruitment, why not?

Probably lazyness.

Aftetall, with 60 sanity and 2 runs in the lmd node, we get 15000 lmd

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Not just LMD wasted but time. You finish the recruit 1 hour and 20 mins faster which easily adds up if you’re recruiting nonstop trying to convert permits into certs.

Down the line, it might give you a yellow cert at the perfect time to desperately buy the next tier of headhunting tickets minutes before a banner ends.

I work for most of the day.
Recruitment never ends when i’m at home
I play on pc with emulator