I just noticed something

Not sure that anyone else had noticed this but when you look at the pros/cons of some servants, the cons to a lot of the Lancers ( Nezha, Cu Chulainn, Medusa Lily and so on) is a severe lack in damage. With the archers, on the other hand (like Tomoe Gozen, Billy the Kid and Robin Hood), they’re known for their high burst damage. I know there are specific reasons for why these cases exist, but I just kind of find it funny since Lancers have the higher damage modifier while archers’ modifiers are mainly demerits.

Just food for thought.


The majority of lancers have at least 2 quick cards while the majority of all archers have at least 2 buster cards plus archers have high star weight allowing them to crit easier.

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Quick card thing, not so much. Just look at Atalante, who can cause considerable damage with her NP, and Billy the Kid who can OHKO with his skillset. The higher crit weight is a really big game changer.

Which is why we have Scathach, the God-Slayer/Boss Killer. She brings balance to the force by being incredibly strong. I would also put Enkidu there, with a “low attack stat” and “three weak cards” being my prime go-to for single target Lancer needs.
Also, Cu (both of them) do some really big doinks for servants of their rarity. And I’m even sure someone would roll around here and say some really good things about “Crit Machine” Inshun.
But I kinda get the point: there are no bad Archers after all, and we can’t exactly say the same about Lancers. The archer class really is made up of archers critting Buster machines. And, sometimes, even Arts-Critting monsters (I’m looking at you Emiya/Chloe).


Yeah, I wasn’t really throwing shade. I was just pointing out a trend I noticed when looking at some servant reviews on Gamepress.

True. Yet, remember to always take those reviews with a grain of salt. Sometimes, when the Servant’s so good/so bad they reeaaaally go out of their way to scrape the bottom for some weakness/benefit. Or maybe they consider a particular scenario where said servant sucks/really shines.


Oh, definitely. A lot of servants who I constantly use in farming and such typically take up tier 4 on their lists, like Tamamo Cat. She may not be the strongest servant ever, but she’s a solid W3 clearer to me.


Well i’m the case of Ana is because she have kinda low damage for a Lancer, Tomoe have good steroids that are pretty reliable, Robin can use his poison a lot and gen a lot of NP, cu have no steroids even been that Lancer with the highst ATK have can’t increase that un any way by his oun, Nezha i don’t know

The Quick card is the weakst card between the 3, Atalanta hit hard thanks to her 50% Quick up and her NP upgrade

Tamamo Cat is the best Tamamo

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Well the point still stands that a servant can work with a multi-quick card deck. The issue in favor of archers in this instance is their better skill kits and higher star weight.


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And usual better deck, a lot of the Lancers that you mention their main source of damage is their NPs.
A servant can perfectly work with a quick deck but if they aren’t criting constantly probably their damage isn’t going to be the greatest

Another factor could be servants from the game’s launch; starting quick servants have it the worst since DW didn’t give them the multiple hits for extra crit stars, so a lot of the quick servants (especially Lancers and assassins) fell low in the game’s meta. Luckily, a lot of them have been improved since then and Skadi’s upcoming appearance is really going to shake things up.

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Most lancers are specialized for anti type, by my memory more then any other class. While some like Karna have a a strong secondary focus big ol crits in his case, all function quite well against their specific type typically out performing competitors for the same anti-niche. That’s probably a contributing factor to them having lesser damage as a whole

Well even with Skadi she only give damage to the Quick card and crit damage to the Quick card, still been weak.
A lot of quick servants of release have been upgraded, some of them with monstruos amount of star gen like Kojirou and others with just making that their NPs hit like a truck

I feel that the ones that are more specialised in niches are the Archers

Helena silently crying in a corner :fgo_circereally:


Well she’s still a game changer in a similar sense to Merlin, only with quick cards (which especially have been needing a boost). Servants like Cu Chulainn, Jack and Atalante are really going to see improvements with it. Same with Tamamo Cat, if only for her NP which would hit massively hard.

Yeah, I feel like everyone forgets about her. While she isn’t necessarily “bad”, she’s certainly weak. I much prefer her caster version.