I just want some rating/advice for my Florina build

So I decided some time ago to build a Florina. Why, you may ask? Because I only play this game for fun and making good units that I like out of bad units is pretty fun.
Anyway, I decided to go for a EP-Speedy-Tanky Florina that looks like this…(except she’s actually +9 like I said in another thread, but nevermind that for now…)

(Yes, I 100% killed B!Claude for her.)
As you can see, it’s supposed to have sinergy with her Refine. Also, I didn’t give her DC because I don’t have it for spare and she won’t make the best use out of it with her cruel stats (without A-Slot) and most archers will still destroy her. Oh, and I’m building her for General Purpose.
So…I guess that’s it. I don’t really have much to say.
Guess I just want a confirmation that she will be alright against the hell of powercreep.


In all seriousness onestly that’s pretty solid I’d say really good defenses in this day and age

Guard Bearing would be nice on her too probably and since you want DC on her getting a Hel for DC and Guard Bearing is always a thing you can do


That’s a very solid enemy phase melee duelist Florina :feh_florina:
Not much to say other than it’s a pretty good build :feh_birbpeek:
Pegasus Flight could be a quite good B slot for her if you can get your hands on it, and Guard Bearing could make her even more tanky on Enemy Phase.
If you want to make her more flexible you could use a Solo skill in her A slot like Atk/Def Solo & then Spd/Res Solo in her seal slot :feh_eirikathink:


Hm…Solo Skills could work pretty well considering it works duo-phase and it shouldn’t be that hard to have her alone. But I worry about losing the Guard effect of the Posture, since one of her traits is the Armor Eff and Armors tend to have some crazy special stuff.
About Pegasus Flight, I did some testing on the Duel Simulator and…it doesn’t seem do work that well with her? I mean, even when Spd/Res stacking she seemed to get only half of the bonuses in most matchups I tested. :feh_arthurthink:
Oh, and I will definitely give her Guard Stance and DC when I get my hands on Hel. Thanks to both of you for reminding me that she and GS exists!
Edit: Guard Bearing. Bearing.

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Looks like something I made myself just without that seal since thats on my Oboro… instead I went Steady Posture 2 seal for even more Spd, the B slot is Flexible really but Pegasus Flight could be good on her if you can get it

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I have been considering building a Florina as well, seeing as how she is very close to Lyn and Lyn is my favorite character, i think this build is better honestly, pegasus flight enables some pretty good in combat buffs, with this setup she is getting a whopping +11 Atk, +14 Spd, +21 Def and +11 Res if everything activates and pegasus filght is at max capacity

EDIT: If you add in the rein you have she gets even more bulky

Hm…I see lots of people recommending Guard Bearing and Pegasus Flight.
While Guard Bearing will be good no matter what (and is a bit more accessible), do you guys think she will be able to get her Pegasus Flight working regularly? If she gets it done, I might make a sacrifice or two to get Fiora.

If you just run the build you already have with pegasus flight she should get it to work pretty well

Well…I’ll take your word then. Thanks for everything, everyone!
Now I only need the last copy and a Fiora…


Huh. Fiora appeared on the Iceberg banner. Good luck!

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Yep, and I was amazed by that. Like someone heard my prayers. But eh, it didn’t mean much since I didn’t get her at all…well, there’s still 7 days left. I will not lose hope.

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Well hey, Dull close is still gonna be a pretty decent b-slot with the proposed build. Even if you could fail at getting pega-power for Florina, you’ve already succeeded at making a weirdly released unit good.

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I,m have a idea with Pegasus Flight and Stats in Defense
She can down the attack on foes in a max of 11 during combat (7 of PF + 4 of A/S R)
The Skill is so much rare (Ironically Her sister have this skill)
This skill use the stats of Spd and Res to calculate the Stats Reduction and against Low Res Armor He can do it very good

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Im equal but I need the Rein