I just want to clear things up about my opinion on how this CYL4 is going before I leave

Since I’ve decided I’m leaving until CYL4 passes, I’m just gonna say this. I’m saying this in the most calm, collective, not salty way I can.
I’m not angry about TH characters winning. I don’t care what Character wins since my favorite lords, Eli and Alm, have already won. What I’m angry at is that TH is dominating most whole board. I don’t care if a TH character wins, I wouldn’t even mind if two won, but the whole board being TH is not good. CYL has always had variety, from every game. And yes, while it was still a popularity contest, it still felt like most characters from each game had a chance. This is just unfair.
And you can say “TH is a good game with good characters, deal with it”. But that just tells me that you don’t have a better argument for the absurdity of this. I’m not saying TH characters are bad, i wouldn’t know because I haven’t played it yet. And I’m not discounting their goodness. And I don’t hate TH, how could I if I haven’t played it. But voting this hard just because “they don’t have an alt” or “they aren’t in the game” is dumb. They will have their chance. The last time we rushed things like this, we got B!Veronica, and look how much good that did for the community and game. Stop rushing things and just be patient. Or at least cut back and give the others a chance.
Three Houses is a good game, I’m not discrediting it. But does it deserve to turn CYL into a TH banner? No. No game does.
I know you guys love the characters, but at this point it’s starting to make then look overrated. And I know we at GP aren’t the only ones voting but still.
That’s it. I’m done. I’m probably just talking nonsense without a clear point at this point. You guys won’t see me on here again until CYL4 passes. Might lurk for a bit but then I’m gone. Not that any of you would care.


I’m just gonna say ONE THING that I don’t want you to take as hating on your opinion because I’m not

3H missed the first 3 CYL because it wasn’t out yet, which gave every other game in the series 3 rounds to get their characters high up in the rankings and brave alts, I believe Fe7 has the most brave alts at 3 right now, SO, if you look at it this way, you can just see 3H dominating CYL4 as it playing catch-up

I’m not saying you have to think this way, just that it’s how I’m thinking of it


I just still think it’s unfair. If that works for the case, why can’t we even it out to one TH Lord every CYL, the the FE7 lords had the fortunate of being divided in.
I love 7’s lords but even I would have been pissed if they had gotten all their Brave alts in one CYL. Because it would have been unfair.

It’s a new game, with a vast of really great characters that a lot of people love, with only 1 chacter in the game only having an Alt right now and both play nearly the same, of course it will dominat the board


Do you think I didn’t expect it to dominate? Because I did. And I still find it dumb.

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I think my biggest issue with CYL4 being filled with TH characters is that : do they deserve a brave alt? I can understand for the three main lords. Of course Edelgard, Claude and Dimitri are good candidates for having a brave alt (byleth too but shhh…). But does Lysithea or Bernadetta will make sense in that regard? I’m not really convinced about that…

It’s onlly the halfway results
It’s fine

Not really, most likely won’t change with their popularity

The way I see it is this:
It’s a new game, something that FE doesn’t see too often. Of course there will be recency bias
I agree with @Eflakis. The game didn’t have the opportunity to be voted so the people that wanted their 3H characters in will vote for them because there is no version in FEH right now.
Also, 3H arguably the most popular and best FE game to date. It’s the same reason why characters like Marth are popular nowadays, because he is a popular character.
I’m not hating on your opinion its just that its kind of obvious what was going to happen
If the whole community came together just to put down all non-3H because they love 3H so much then there would be a problem but the current results are completely organic

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Of course it’s dumb… but the whole point of CYL is voting for your favorite character… and as I sad a lot of people love the cast of 3H, and with the game having only a small portion of those units of course it would be high up… the only thing annoying is the 3 lords being at the top although they already are in the game… tho their Brave at will most likely be their War Arc design so I’m fine with that

Kinda feels like what’s happening, tbh

Which they probably would have gotten for an alt naturally but who cares about that

I mean at some point… every unit could have a Brave alt… it’s like does Brave Oliver make sense no… but I’m sure I know a few people want it to happen for the memes

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Like Heroes would live for that long to give everyone a Brave alt

But nobody is saying that, of course it feels that way because it is dominating but, that doesn’t mean people are scheming to have 3H on top. Imagine if Awakening came out last year. The voting would be dominated by those characters. I don’t see anything wrong with 3H dominating.

What’s the difference of getting it on the Brave banner over a normal banner… they will all be 5* locked either way… and this means we would get War Arc characters for units we don’t have in the game yet which is far better than a new hero’s banner full of characters with Alt’s

Eh, whatever. I’m not big brain enough to understand people wanting a full TH banner on CYL. I think it’s time I left anyway. If anyone asks where Shield is, which I doubt anyone will, just tell him he’s gone until the TH banner has been confirmed

It was just a saying… lord’s aren’t the only characters that deserves a Brave alt… any character deserve’s one… both Lysithea and Berni both have great character development, and both deserve’s a brave alt just as much as everyone else who has a brave alt and who will be getting one

I will say they should just have a dedicated 3H banner, whether its a brave banner or not

Boy, wish I could actually play the game to know if that’s true or not and not think that everything TH is overhyped. Because I’m really starting to think that TH is nothing but overrated at this point. I know it’s unfair to think that but all this CYL debating is really sullying my opinion on it before I even play it. People are ■■■■■■■ rabid over it saying it’s the best Fire Emblem with the best characters and all that jazz and I just hate it when people act like that. Hell, I’m gonna feel filthy if I actually think TH is the best or has characters I would call a Waifu or a favorite in the series overall because then I’m gonna be disgusted at myself for becoming a rabid fanboy defender supreme saying TH is the best FE ever
Idk, if anyone wants to try and change my mind before I leave, if be happy to hear. I don’t want TH to be ruined just because of something so petty.