I just wanted Sonya

So, Ayra/B!Lyn/Sonya banner. I really wanted Sonya but I found in free pull this Ayra

She’s my first Ayra but her ivs are pretty bad, so I don’t know what to do with her. I don’t need her since I have Owain, Karla and other swords, but at the same time I don’t want to fodder her since her skills aren’t rare anymore. How can I build her?

I tried again and I found this M!Grima. Wonderful, I like him even if I don’t use him a lot

In the same circle I found this Quan. I don’t like him and I already have a perfect Quan (+atk -res) but he looks like a shitty fodder. So, what to do with him?

The moral of the story: Hilda and Hubert banner is tomorrow and now I have 9 orbs and 0 Sonya. Sigh. At least 3 Five Stars in 40 orbs it’s good.


Quan is good fodder if you care about arena. If not, go ahead and merge.

For Grima, do you have bold fighter fodder? Steady breath + vengeful fighter isn’t the most synergistic combination.

The speed bane on Ayra is unfortunate, but she still hits 37 with a refined weapon (or her prf). Not the hardest thing to patch up, so build her like you normally would. Slaying edge, some speed boosting A slot (I’d say DC but I don’t think you want to invest too much and -spd makes it hard to not run a speed boost here), wrath if you have it. The C and S slots can be whatever. I run even spd wave most of the time along with brazen atk/spd.

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Eh, I’ll probably merge him

I thought it was a good combination but I never use armors. I have a bad iv Kjelle (-atk +spd), so I can use her. Maybe you can suggest me a good build for him?

And thank you for the advices about Ayra

Steady breath and vengeful fighter both give extra cooldown charge during enemy phase. It’s not completely anti synergistic (since vengeful is still a better quick riposte), but there’s much better combinations to run. Here’s the Grima I run (but like you, I also barely use him)

Using bold fighter, he can get the cooldown charge during both phases. With quick riposte sacred seal he also doubles in both phases.

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sooo… Ayra will be in next week’s revival banner hehe… that’s when I will get her, hopefully

Hope you can get her, and not with my shitty ivs!