I know its been asked alot but

I just got another Nailah -Hp +Def and while i could merge her into my +atk -Res i would rather just pass on her great skills again. I have Donnel and Peri as options but i dont know what other lancer would be good for DC. Id like to have anyones opinion on good and easy to merge lance DC candidates other than these heroes.

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If you wanna get the full value out of Nailah, it’s preferable to pass her skills onto an Infantry unit since they could also make use of Null C D. Since there’s not many Infantry Lance units outside of Donnel, Oboro, and Lukas - you could always save that Nailah in case a 4 star Lance infantry unit appears in a new banner.

I personally think Peri only inheriting DC would be a waste and I’d think foddering a Hector would be better for that instead.


Oboro. Her prf makes her want to fight close range only, but you can get her resistance up without too much work.

Check your grail options - armor Eliwood has good mixed defenses for DC.
Ideally you’ll use it on someone who can also use Null C Disrupt too. Firesweep+DC+NullC is cool because you only get attacked on enemy phase, and you can attack on both phases yourself. There was a thread recently about how slow the options are for infantry lance, so maybe that’s not ideal in this case.

Edit: Lukas can work with a similar build to Oboro, but just bailing on trying to speed check anything while keeping DC and NullC.


Its a bummer the options really are slow for lance units. Maybe i will hold out to see if IS releases a *4 fast lance for us.

Don’t take DC without NCD!

An interesting option is Fjorm. She’s great with NCD, and if you use DC you can run something like Slaying Lance or Gilt Fork or something. It’s actually a really good build surprisingly to use DC+NCD and not use her prf


I’d wait for Donnel’s refine to decide, but def not Peri

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They just need to *4 Nephenee so i can use her