I know it's just day 1,but I'm already liking this soon to be pick up

So Othin has already gotten just about what I wanted give or take,only want JD spd now.

How’s it going for you ? Again. I’m sorry ik it’s early,but I’m just excited for this 5th merge with skills so I finished it quickly.


This is mine so far and my only really-developed unit this HoF

This is what I’m going for

Tanya’s the only other unit with a skill and her only skill is Atk/Res Bond 4 :catroll:

I won’t forma Osian but I thought it’d be fun to try him out with one of my favorite kinds of builds :catdance:


it’s literally the axe version of your legendary Ike with the same build lmao


Ya’ll are in such a rush, damn

I’ve only done my daily 3 matches


shhh :feh_flaynconcern:


Damn, never realized how well rounded he is at full merges. Though tbf, mine has bad IVs and I don’t use him


I didnt even know it was up yet lol

Looks good! I’m a little surprised Osian doesn’t get more attention; even with an HP condition, slaying DC weapon is pretty crispy. Mirror Stance 3 must be too good to pass up, I suppose.

Mine’s gone well too. I didn’t expect to finish it all today, but clearing the higher levels with Mareeta and Osian only being level 20-something Rally bots and Saias only barely having a kit at all (Prf tome, ruse, rally) was surprisingly engaging. Tanya’s got Plegian Bow, Deadeye, Kestrel 3, NFU and Pulse Smoke, so while I’m still looking for Atk/Spd Solo and a Joint Drive it’s looking pretty good so far.


This and the fact that lots of people have built :bike:

Osian is basically a faster, higher Res :bike:, but :bike: has busted ass DR


I’m going to Forma Mareeta, so I’m hoping to get DC and Spurn for sure, she had Galeforce… but I have a lot of Galeforce fodder and not enough RS fodder. The C I’m hoping for Odd Tempest maybe if it decides to show up


I’ll probably pick him up. And yeah, I joined the early finish club.


Yesterday I accidentally gave him a first kill and got his weapon… it actually helped me just bearly beat a map

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I got his prf in the very first map and he carried for awhile

Until I started feeding Mareeta first kills, then she just kinda popped off out of nowhere. Even before I had any skills on her she was always my highest leveled unit


Yah Mareeta is definitely putting in work for me especially after getting DR on her… on a side note

Gotta love getting Mystic Boost as an option for both slots… decided to give up Flashing Blade for some healing, now hopefully I can get a +Spd Unbound Blade and still hoping for Spurn

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I feel the same about Sais,it’s just ashame it’d take a hefty investment to +10 etc. and I was never a Sias fan (don’t hate him,just pro Ced ).

His weapon’s pretty cool, I’d love to +10 him too if just for that. But I don’t have any copies of him so even with a Forma Soul I don’t think I could justify going for him when Arvis takes fewer grails and has the same weapon.


Oh my god! I got so excited when I saw this! I had yet to see Fatal Smoke in HoF up until now, and I know my Mareeta is absolutely going to love it! I never even thought of fishing for it because it’s so new and rare. I don’t know why it didn’t cross my mind, but it just didn’t.
I guess for Larcei I already knew what I wanted. Which was… Joint Drive Atk, Time’s Pulse or Pulse Smoke. I finished with the latter, after coming across all of them. You know… I don’t even care what else pops up, I’m keeping Fatal Smoke lol. This will make her even more of an asset on Aether Raids offense I think. My defense teams are already set, but I could experiment.
Anyone else find this skill at all for any of your units?


I’m sure you already know this and hear it all the time, but she already has a damage reduction skill. It’s arguable which one is best out of the 3. It depends on the situations. I prefer the hit and run secondary effect best, myself. I think if you’re gonna spend roughly $30 on her while she has a DR in her base kit, it’s more worth your money to get Null C-Disrupt or Lull Atk/Spd if you can get them. Either of those would make her even more amazing if the situation calls for it. Prf with built-in Null F-U + DC + Null C-D is not to be looked down upon. You’ll most likely spend more than that much money trying to summon units with those 2 skills, and they are quite rare themselves.


I dont like Close Call and Repel, Spurn is far better than both which is why I’d rather get it, even if I still bought the 2 Forma bundles I’m still sitting on the free Forma so I wouldn’t be spending money on here Forma. I have more than enough NCD units/fodder and Lull Atk/Spd fodder… Spurn on the other hand I’ve yet to even get a single copy of fodder for it let alone if I where to get one it would go to Nephenee, sure Spurn is in the Divine Code options but it’s the final unit in the list and Noone else in the list I don’t care about so don’t plan on getting it


Yeah, I get your reasoning and situation. For me, I have no fodder of either Null skills, because every time I summon someone with it. It’s someone I want to use whether I like the char./alt or they have the best IVs and are good. The only spurn I got was on an F!Kris spark that I was hoping I wouldn’t have to spend so many orbs on. She’s just so good I want to keep her, too. And yeah the Divine Combat Manuals cost a TON. So if you think it works best for you, then I’d say it’s worth every penny.