I lied

The UL meta didn’t shift to Swampert. Everyone and their mother are back to using Giratina-Altered. Get out your Charm bots and prepared to be bored for a month.

Ah. Time to power up my Togekiss then.

As annoying as Giratina is I want Charm’s damage reduced and energy gen increased. I shouldn’t be able to kill something with only a fast move.

I refuse to get bored. I’m running Regigigas with Hidden Power Dark and Giga Impact. I really, really enjoy trying to hit people with unshielded Giga Impact.

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Fine by me; each member of my team can counter Giratina (to some extent) :smiley:

Drapion Bite/Fell Stinger/ Aqua Tail
Registeel Lock-On/ Flash Cannon/ Focus Blast
Drifblim Hex/ Shadow Ball/ Icy Wind

And it got me 23 wins out of 25 games, thanks dumb people still thinking giratina is the goat

In five sets, about half used Giratina-A (only one used its legless counterpart) and slightly less than half used Swampert. Venusaur is also common. Surprised that I did not see a single Regi.

I didn’t play GBL for a couple days and today saw a Regigigas in UL…

Sadly i musy say i see less diverse on rank 8. CD starters, Snorlax, Gira Altered, Charmers( Mostly Togekiss). Most leads are Snorlax, Venusaur, Swampert. Giratinas are always hiding as switch or last mon.

My main is on rank 7, and here are more diversity.

I’m on rank 8 as well and the quintessential team seems to be: Swampert, Venusaur, Giratina with one thing changed occasionally. I also have been finding that at this rank people don’t have a second move on Giratina half the time and as a result Gyarados has been wrecking. I honestly haven’t seen much charmers, I think the overuse of venusaur might be scaring them away. I miss great league. Much more diverse.