I like Cecilia's refine

That was all, thx for comming.

Imma going to commit sleep.


I like the animation

I think people are disappointed because many were just expecting something…unique


I like how long it took for us to wait for her to get a free A Slot.


It’s not the best but it’s not bad. At least it frees up her a slot


Anyone able to give deets on what her best A Slot is for Ophelia tanking? Specifically in Astra season because I’m testing stuff out in sims and wondering what works best. Fortress Def/Res seems the best option but I’ll look into it tomorrow


I agree! I like her refine. Fulfills her colorless-blue check niche even better.


Does Ophelia actually damage Cecilia outside of Special procs?

You could probably make due with something like Distant Defense 4, Warding Stance 4, Bracing Stance 3, Mirror Stance 3, or any skill that increases resistance.

Close Foil is good too, and with ward cavalry support she can handle the meta threats.


She can but it’s very little. Not to mention this is a Cecilia with the effects of a Res Refined Tome of Order (3 more Mt and +3 Res)

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Oh cool, being too poor to give Cecilia TA3 paid off, lmao.

I’m honestly fairly surprised that it’s effective against fliers. That’s probably the second tome that does that now unless I forgot someone else than Merric.

I’d say my +6 Cecilia is gonna enjoy regardless.

Edit: Cool, I think the refine is the Excalibur Tome animation from FE6, the tome she came with.

It’s a bit sad that I’ll have to spend 400 dew for my plans, but…

  1. L!Chrom counter ez can’t complain about that because I’ll eventually be on a quest to build an army of gronnravens and Dazzling staff savage blow healers for AA.

  2. Flier effective gronnraven tome beats up Eir and Peony, and is absolutely capable of maiming Mila. I found myself a decent dark cavline unit, my only problem is whether or not a green cav is a good idea along Yune and Hel.

Her refine is very 2017.

You know what else is very 2017? The Galaxy S8.

Cecilia the the S8 of Feh.


Oh fun fact, not even DB4 +Atk +10 Chrom can ruin Fortress Cecilia.

Spurs represent a Res refined Tome of Order here (my planned refine since I wanna see what she can do while stacking Res over sticking to her usual)

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Kinda funny how the most expected got the worst of the batch, while the one people went meh on, got the best

Such perfection! It’s even replicable with Steady stance 3 and Dull ranged!

I’m just fairly saddened that I wasn’t woke enough to get her spd superboon. I do have +atk though and that’s still pretty decent.

And I think I’m probably gonna be one of the only few people who don’t mind TA refines ever. I mean sure, it locks her down to fighting… two colors and some green mages, but I could argue that other stat-boosting refines probably wouldn’t do much to change that anyway from her lower speed. TA scales well with her atk stat, consistently lowers the opponent’s atk when fighting the right one, and basically gives her something to focus on: nuking and tanking blue and colorless units.

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I’ve trained up Athena and banked on her refine before. These types of refines (that give already standard-use skills) are some of the most future-proofed refines in the game, second only to Deflect-type ones, since it essentially is a refine that just lets you pick any skill you want to fodder off as the weapon effect.

It is! But I’m also considering this because it helps against Ophelias

Or something to this effect. I got a few spare units I don’t mind sacking for a new A skill…

Meh. Res is her best one imo. I’ve once seen an Aversa fail to ORKO her with this Boon, not to mention I’ll grab anything to teach Ophelia what the Weapon Triangle is.

I actually keep Silverbrand on Seth because he’s so good at buff support and players still wonder why their Altina dies to him.


I have nothing against Cecilia, just found it funny people discounted legion and now he got a pretty damn strong refine. Followed Clarisse and got himself a refine to make him worth using again.

It ain’t NCD but that was probably expecting too much. Time for double TA Cecilia for budget :feh_royyes:


Max WTA/WTD is 40%.


Meme it even further with Cancel Affinity.