I lost a friend

Just a thread to pay respect to all the lost summoners. All hail the Ice Queen Skadi!

PS: Spam F to pay respects!

F to the friend telling me no MLB LTC CE on caster slot= Unfriend.


I bet their name was Barry.

Can you really respect someone who quits over failed gacha rolls, though? I mean, they’re more entertaining than saddening.


Quitting over 1 servant, weakness disgusts me. Their salt gives me strength. :fgo_moriartysmile:


How sad, take a mapo


They’ll be back.
Once the sting of the salt fades away, they be back playing again FGO.
It’s not a matter of if but when.
Once FGO ensnare you, you will never be truly able to let it go.

P.S. i’ve lost 210 SQZ for Skadi (i do not even know why i rolled all my precious free sqz for her) and ended up without her.
Salt stings, but i’m here farming embers as usual.
Granted, we all deal in different ways toward salt.

I simply say that given them time, many of the lost summoners who rage-quitted after not summoning Skadi will probably be back playing FGO


I imagine it’s very disappointing for players who missed Skadi after all this hype, but it might help them to remember that the way they’ve been playing up until now isn’t suddenly going to stop working, and a borrowed Skadi works wonders simply for enabling high performance in Quick Servants.

IOW it’s not much worse than missing any other Servant you wanted. The biggest gameplay consequence is that the most efficient DSS comps won’t be available, taking that more drop-efficient event farming option off the table for now. I was fortunate enough to get Skadi (fortunate as in no whaling required), but if I hadn’t, I’d end up farming lotto much like I did last year without her.


While I know how disheartening it it to miss a much wanted servant, I’ll never get how they could let go of all of their hard work up till now. Its not even the last chance to get Skadi either as she would have a banner next year. Anyway, I wish that whoever they may be that they recover and get over their salty state. May some of them have the mind to return and reexperience the joys of the game.



My biggest fear of the Skadi era was thst i would loose most of the Waver inbfriendlist, and their precious np gauge buffs.

Then, yesterday while trying a friendlist Skadi i discoverrd that she can fill 50% np gauge.

That made me happy. But i should have known, probably


I was fortunate to get my own Skadi with the quartz that the anniversary gave me and still have plenty enough to give a shot for Summer Nero (please come home). My cousin was lucky as well but he had to buy a pack. Thankfully, she came to him on the next x10.

But many videos I have seen in youtube where they are not top youtubers… Man, there was one who had over 1300 quartz, half of them paid, with 83 tickets, and she came to him at the very end.

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I’m actually observing my friend list more cautiously these days, to see if those with no Skadi in their support list (or no obvious message) stop logging in.
So far two seem to fit the bill.

Well, i think wanna quit this game after rolling all my saved quartz and no skadi. 340 sq even no sr. But, there’s one last hope, 10 tickets on Day 9 Login Reward. I dont know, maybe this is my last try to get Skadi

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If you want to quit, that’s all you, but if you enjoy the game aside from this bad luck rolling, quitting doesn’t make sense.

340 SQ without any good result is sadly not unprecedented. The ups and downs of RNG in this gacha are notoriously extreme. It’s a very wicked marketing strategy lol.


The problem probably is that many are not prepared to face the consequences of playing a game without pity system and with bad success probability of rolling servants.

Some knowledge of statistics or whatever it is called helps.

So, many believe that a big sum of sqz is enough to guarantee the summon of your servant.

But math is sadly against us.

All we can do is roll and hope, without expectations

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People quit after not getting skadi :

Me who getting my 1st support 5* caster (merlin) be like :

am i joke to you?

Jokes aside, no need to quit after not able to summon skadi. But i knew it’s good to taking a break for a while from fgo after spend a lot of SQ and didn’t get her.


I had a number of F2P players who just quit after yesterday(the P2P are probably going to try a bit longer ig), I’m a bit alarmed actually. I’ve got way too many openings in my friend’s list than should be possible. Truly the salt is real. I mean some of them may return but the number of people breaking log in streak during Anniversary when we will get tickets at the end is kinda concerning.

I kinda feel bad for them too, some of them had such good rosters, better than my own, they spent so much time building their accounts and they just give it all up for 1 SSR.

Edit: F


I just think skadi was hyped WAY too much. She is just short of being a waver and merlin and is not as flexible as the 2.

And im sure this this comment will bring salt because of the over hype.


I spent 350 Sq b4 skadi came(on my main acc). No SSRs or SRs at all.
Meanwhile my f2p acc that is still going through solomon gets like 5 SRs , an Achilles spook and skadi after abt 450 Sq and 23 tickets.

On another day i could have used 1500SQ and got nothing.

That’s true though, i’m happy to see plenty of already maxed Skadi everywhere in my supports (now i’m regretting not farming her mats) but i hope that doesn’t mean people will stop putting Waver there because i will still use him a lot.

Despite both having that 50% NP charge double Waver is still useful for his NP or defense stacking.