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Hi guys

I’m not much on here anymore, and probably will continue to be relatively inactive. Thought I would pop in and get a feel for what the game is like these days even though I don’t plan on rejoining. 300 orbs a month really isn’t enough for my creative appetite and the strategical challenge is too dilute (too much time in low-difficulty challenges like TT).

How have you been in the past 5-or-so months? What’s the game like now? Which are the strongest / most meta units released over the last 5 months? I went back over some datamines and saw a bunch of units with statlines that look like 37/32/38 or 37/3730 or 35/40/30/25. With repel/close call being no longer so young, is the ORKO meta dropping off? What is high-tier AR like nowadays? Are people still infantry pulsing?

Is CYL4 still not arrived?


Nope still not here :catcry:



The same

The same, essentially.

Insanely fast units that can make use of Repel/Close Call/Spurn. We got a new inheritable lance that is actually really good, so there’s that.

And hello there.


what’s it do



Oh, forgot to mention that we have a fast low rarity Infantry lancer, although he’s seasonal.


Honestly about the same as always. Lotsa powercreep but nothing game breaking. Tbh the most game breaking thing recently was Mila, and other than that not much.

For ARO F!Ike, Mareeta, D!Alphonse, L!Leif are the ones that come to mind. Mila ofc too

For ARD Oph still, Lysith, Seliph, Eliwood. Bram, Thrasir and Mira are all amazing. Duma is niche as a maxed catapult, Sothis, Yune and Lif basically suck. Too early to see how good Hel actually is.

Arena is just scoring. PvE is anything you want

Not really I would say? Idk. Nukes are still the hottest thing around town for ARDs.

Pretty much the same. Super tanking tries to tank, nukes try to nuke, galeforce is rare as heck, hit and run is effective but rare. Vantage is nice too with daggers.

Interestingly cavlines have come back into fashion, the Ruse Thrasir+Mira one especially, but in light season they don’t give a damn about Mila which is good.

Probably to note Mila broke light season so much so that everyone had to revamp it so they either had multiple healers, or some other way to combat Mila.

Light season is still easy mode, even more so now with Mila. Astra season is harder which I like, so I hope they don’t release anything like Mila that destroys Astra season lol

Yeah. Some super high tier AR players are going off IP, but for peeps like me, IP is meta still. Pulse smoke is super important.

Should be soon enough. But no we don’t have it yet. CYL2 are getting refines too which should be interesting


I hate to be the guy who asks but what is CYL4?

Choose your legends 4. The brave heroes that were voted for in January (Edelgard, Lysithea, Dimitri and Claude this year).


@seeker is my favorite poster whose time during feh never coincided with mine

Light season is still easy mode, even more so now with Mila. Astra season is harder which I like, so I hope they don’t release anything like Mila that destroys Astra season lol

I hope they create something like Mila for Astra to make Astra so much easier. Astra is so hard as it is man. I need Bridal Fjorm to basically shut down those dancers like Mila does for light. Mila makes Light so easy for me. I get Tier 25-26 every week in Light. Amazing!!!

We are in the same sitch, except i still play casually.

I aint on here due to circumstance more than anything tho.

also i feel the orb to build ratio complaint in my soul, as someone who cant even get the 3-4 stars i want

Fluctuating between hating society and wanting to be with my friends.


Stupid Larcei.

Everyone and their uncle is using Eliwood+ Lunge + Galeforce + Wings of Mercy and I NOW LOATHE HIM. Infantry Pulse kinda died

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Hi @Seeker :catwave:


Well yeah, but I personally I like having a challenge. I think it’s good where it’s at now, where one season is easy if you like the rewards, and one season is harder and gives the players a bit more of a challenge.

If you make ARO too easy, it makes ARDs practically worthless to do at all, and it’s getting to that point in dark season, it’s only saving grace being Bram.

Oh… you’re one of those, huh

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Nah, I mean I still like the challenge except im not tryna think too much playing AR lol. Like I hate when my tank keeps dying in Astra bc of Dancer stuff. If we can shut them down then I can predict and more useful. I think getting a fairy, hopefully Plumeria in Astra will help out alot!

I mean, FEH is a strategy game so in competitive modes you’re gonna be forced to think a bit instead of just end turning with some super tank. And without an enemy dancer, there’s pretty much no thinking or prediction required for the most part. Light season was easy already because of Peony but Mila just shut down a large percentage of defenses and I mostly just gave up on trying to build one that accounted for her because she’s that stupid. She limits defenses like crazy which is unhealthy

I’d be okay with an Astra mythic dancer and I feel that’s bound to happen at some point. But a Mila equivalent? Please no lol. At least double dancer comps are a lot easier to make in this season because of Mira though