I love Gunter's refine

Starting with this. He just looks so damn cool.
Also was listening to his voicelines D.C. Douglas is just one of the best VAs in feh…

But let’s talk his weapon.
It’s great and I love it.

I’ve used Ranulf for the longest time and Gunter is basicly a slow Ranulf who you can merge easier (and has a dual chill)
+4 atk/def is exactly whan Gunter needs on his weapon for himself to do his simple job. Does help that the two best skills for Gunter just released (Distant Foil and Sturdy Stance 3)
Like I’ve said for Ranulf, stacking the weapon effect works great for cavs since just with a goad Gunter can give any cav close to him 8 atk, 4 spd and 4 def. Without needing to push his entire kit of just supporting.

The dual chill is a tad less useful, but it’s hardly bad. It will always hit someone, that’s the nice thing about chills. It mostly cripples either slow oneshot units or tanks. It won’t chill the best target all the time but it more often than not will help out well. Great for a team that doesn’t run chills other than that.

As for builds… Well this is the one I posted in the other post. And the most likely one for me.
Foil just really helps expand the use of units like this.
In the past, enemy phase + physical only + close range only restricts a unit too much. The Foil allows him to take on anything physical, making the niche a lot more useful overal.

So how do ya’ll feel about this old man now

(Should @Cartamoneta probably)


The design and color for him :feh_bkok:

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that crown was made for him


I swear I know I wanna +10 Nowi and shit

but god ■■■■■■■ damn do I want that A for him

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Yes. Let us build Gunter together.


dude I would love to try for Distant Foil tomorrow

@HeavenlyTempest are the stars alligned


Really liking him and Jagen with their refines :ok_hand::feh_navarreculture: Doubly so because they can provide helpful team support and beef themselves up. Definitely on board the Gunter train now.

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Don’t let a shiny new skill distract you from your goal buddy

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Wait wouldn’t the new T4 Drive be really nice now with him?

tfw i realize how many Rinkah are going to be killed for foil that I could use to +10 her instead…

Wait, tier 4 drives?
Did I miss something?

The dragon kid has a new T4 Drive if im not wrong


Yeah :feh_nini:

+11 Atk to ally and +8 To him,IMO his best supportive skill for now

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Joint drive atk
Gives +4 atk to units within two spaces and gives the unit 4 attack if they’re within two spaces of an ally

I totally missed that

I thought it was joint hone atk…
Urrrrggghh now I want that too. I shouldn’t get greedy

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Ye i actually really want the Drive, but i wont summon for the life of me


It would be nice to pair him up with one of the other cavs whose prf activates a special effect. Such as Mathilda/Clive (stat boost) or Cain/Abel (brave weapon effect). Toss in a couple goads or wards and you’re golden.

Gonna do blue free + ticket?

in any case,good luck

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Bruh I totally forgot about the tickets
maybe, but only maybe I’ll get the nice fodder

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Just made another fine thread featuring this. I think it’s pretty fun.

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