I love it when a plan comes together (summon flex)

Before anything, if your luck has been bad, my apologies, but the title served as a warning

I’ve been saving for a good month and a half now, and got to a solid 351 Orbs by the reset (not counting the Paralogue and Daily rewards, which would’ve boosted my number if I wasn’t lazier than to collect them @_@), today, came out two banners I was planning on summoning for. The Heroes with Swift Sparrow banner, and the Brave Echoes banner. The former for a copy or two of SF! Nino, who I’ve desperately been after for what feels like an eternity, and the latter for two copies of Brave Eliwood, which are primarily for fodder (though I also chose him as my free pick, and thus was planning to keep one copy for use.)

I split my Orbs into two groups of 50% each, and went for the Swift Sparrow banner, aiming for only Green Stones, red ones if none were available. Only 30 Orbs in, and ho and behold:

She came! At long, long last, I finally have her. I was already satisfied, but I was far from done. Went in to summon again, and on the very next summon, she came again! Two copies, back to back, let’s :clap: hecking :clap: go :clap:

Dived a bit deeper, still having 145 Orbs remaining, and I started to worry when almost none of the sessions had any Green Stones. Thankfully, my worries were misplaced, as about 70 Orbs later, she came once more! 3 focus units in 100 Orbs, me complaining would be sinful at this point. Decided to keep going till I got another 5 star unit, and ended up getting a Katarina right as I was finishing up. Super happy with that banner.

For the Brave banner, I had about 140 Orbs. Perhaps I spent more than planned on the former banner, Audino. Went in, 40 Orbs:

:clap: :clap: :clap:

One copy of two aquired. Delved a bit deeper, and 80 Orbs later, my rate (never checked, but probably didn’t pass 4%) was broken by a 5* Thea. While most would (understandably) be bothered by this, I’m actually merging her. I welcomed her in open arms, kept going with only 30 Orbs left. Got my second B! Eliwood 15 Orbs later, it’s happy boi hours. I finished with my mission, 7 Orbs remaining (though I’m yet to do the Paralogue/collect daily rewards, so practically 24.)

My initial plan for those two Eliwoods was to fodder them to my Thea for Rally Atk/Def+, Atk/Spd Ruse, and Spd Opening. I then learned that Fliers can’t use Ruses (F in the chat pls), so… I decided to spoil best girl a little:

I’ll be keeping the copy of B! Eliwood I showed here, thinking of running Lull Atk/Def and Sturdy Blow seal. That’s an effective 73 Atk on initiation, and the seal makes up for his bane.

This was the most amazing summoning experience I’ve had in a while, and I’m super glad I saved. Good luck to you guys too!


I wish I could be this lucky
80 orbs in the Brave banner, got a -Res Micaiah. Not the worst, but not the best either :catroll:
Saving my free summon for now. :birbpeek:


Congratulations, you wait for so long, I’m happy you did it :partying_face:

Also nino is back to Black fang I see, she killed our eliboy :elisad:


Congratz bro !

80 Orbs isn’t a bad deal, you’ll have your moment. Let’s hope that you use your free summon wisely :legion:


It’s not killing if there’s no one to see it :feh_rein:

But I’ll build him to be potent as well. Thanks a bunch :hridexcited:

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I told u my brother!

Do your best, and she will come for you

Take good care of her, and crush everything with her ferocious, destructive wind magic


Congrats on finally getting your Nino!

Did you know her flying horse is called a pegasus? :feh_nino:

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She told me earlier :legion:

And thanks!

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I didn’t know and my mind exploded upon hearing it. Nino brings out my stupidity to the max and I love it bc it shows how smart she is

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you are now required to summon for Jaffar lmao


I got my free Alm and then summoned Michiah on my second summon on the actual banner, -SPD +RES :muscle:


I doubt I’ll have what it takes, but I’ll see what I can do.

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Hey, nice! Sounds great. Got what you were looking for :clap:

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Replying to this late @_@

I suppose you were right after all. No need to worry, I’ll do my best to keep her safe. It’s merely returning the favor.

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It’s dove :royyes:


While “dove” is the more common spelling…
I’m pretty sure dived actually is correct, albeit older.


oh well


dove is a type of birb :birbpeek: