I love it when a plan comes together (summon flex)

Nice work man! Glad that it all went well for you




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If correcting one of my typos is greatness I’d best be careful

Congrats!, I say this is a really good trade of orbs :birbpeek:.

CYL3 has been great to me, -spd/+res B!Micaiah in about 20 orbs and bailed out, then chose free B!Alm.

Lately no luck with free summons but ehh whatever, I’m happy with what I already have :birbpeek:, now resting at ~330 orbs and gonna save for L!Julia (and hopefully revival week 14) :catroll:


That sounds great :ok_hand:

Good luck on saving for L! Julia :popcorrin:

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I was not as lucky as you in CYL but compared with my usual luck it was okay, one +hp -def B!Camilla with 100orbs, that’s ~35orbs under my average ratio.

I’m wondering how it feel to be lucky!

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Thank you! A B! Camilla isn’t bad, could’ve been worse. You’ll get your time eventually, I’m positive :hridexcited:

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