I love legendary events

Seriously, they add a light story element, a nice Pokémon for free and the opportunity to farm power up items easily to boot. Yeah they’re grindy (*insert Mewtwo Event was the Dark Souls of Pokémon Masters here), but I think they’re rewarding and mostly fun, not to mention all the memes they bring onto thehttps://easytax.onl/irs/.

So yeah, thanks DeNa for another awesome legendary event, I’m looking forward to what you guys got in store next!



Only regret is that we can’t farm support power ups, especially with how many great supports there are in this game.

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Your name is interesting. :feh_felixperish:


If a Legendary Event ever features a Support as the main pair, I think we might be able to farm Support items then :thinking:
Since all Legendary Events have featured Strike pairs so far, and so have all given Strike items.

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But Rayquaza is too weak… Its supposed to be a legendary but stats are normal and it gets confused from outrage… they should just give another pokemon instead…