I’m F*cking Pissed (Imperial Astra is Stupid)

What the hell is the difference between Regnal Astra and Imperial Astra? No difference what so ever. (Except Regnal can’t be inherited, but its the exact same description). Makes completely no sense.

So now, My favourite Fire Emblem Heroes Unit: Arya has been completely powercrept by two stupid units released. Now every unit can utilize this broken special that made Arya special… stupid game, on the verge of quitting.

i mean larcei is basically mini ayra. their art is really similar and the same artist drew both.

Well… Larcei is Ayra’s daughter.


Even gave Larcei the slaying effect that Ayra needs. Now even with a refinement I don’t think Ayra is going to be very relevant except for those who have +10ed her.

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Where does it say that Imperial Astra is inheritable?


Ion know, but I’m just assuming. I could be wrong but nonetheless, why create the same skill but rename it and remove the “this skill cannot be inherited?

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Exactly. It’s actually so dumb because I was planning to +10 Arya. Then this happened.

Literally, a copy and pasted powercrept arya. Like why? Why make a character that is special in its own way just… copy and paste a better version?

185 Bst sothis didnt have a effect on me but this bs does now.

Well, the difference between Imperial and Regnal, is that Imperial from the looks of it is inheritable.

Also, do keep in mind. It was known that Ayra would be powercrept by both Shannan, Larcei and Ulster. They’re Gen 2 characters from Genealogy, and as much as I dislike powercreep (who doesn’t really?), Larcei was flat out better. Lest I speak of Shannan who is effectively Ayra on steroids.

Overall, whilst it blows. It was assumed that she’d be powercrept. Her kids, as well as Shannan (who is a pure blood member of the royal family, unlike Ayra who is half blood), would be far stronger. Since pure blood in Genealogy means more beefy stats. As usual. :sweat_smile:

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I don’t think banner videos have the “this skill cannot be inherited” part when showing new uninheritable skills and the like, but I’d have to check

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Overall, this is annoying for those who worked on her. But it was going to happen. It was a matter of time. I’m just surprised that Ced didn’t powercreep Lewyn, and thet Altena isn’t a better version of Quan. That’s what has me shocked.

I’m almost positive that none of the Astra skills are inheritable.

Otherwise Lon’qu is now Tier 1

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Yeah I get that every now and then a character will eventually get powercrept but just didnt think it would be this painful…

Imperial is not inheritable. As I said talking to another user, it’s the same as Ayra’s special and back then when Ayra was announced they did that on skills to inform people that the skill was not going to be inheritable ahead of time. Now days they don’t do that. Assuming that’s to hype up potential skills that may or may not be inheritable?

They would not start off the first inheritable Spd special at 40%. Especially at a cooldown of 2. That screams un-inheritable.

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We’ll have to see. This seems to be inheritable, IMO. Especially since the only people in Genealogy’s story who can teach Astra, are the royal family members of direct blood. (The half bloods can learn it via practice, but teaching it is far harder when you really just do it out of gut feelings, if memory serves.)

Overall, it might be inheritable. It might not. My gut, and a few of my friends are saying it probably will be. But we’ll wait and see.

Well, its always painful. Think of all the Hector fans whenever a new Axe Hector who powercreeps himself feels.

Hell, or the Corrin fans who get powercrept every 6 months.

It blows, but Ayra was the baseline for powerful royal swordsman. Shanna is the epitome of that story wise. Especially since he’s a pure dragon blood monster.

TLDR: I agree. I feel ya. But I can’t say I didn’t see this coming. I wept for this the day I saw Ayra be this busted.

No they don’t anymore. See duo Alfonse

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If I had any safe way in betting against that I’d be putting my whole life savings on the line. There is no way that’s inheritable lol.

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Yeah but okay think of it this way.

Why give the same special except in a different name and remove the “skill cannot be inherited?”

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I would never bet on it. Even if I was sure.

Even though what you’re saying makes sense. This is IS were talking about. They made DUO heroes. There’s a shot in the dark that this shit is going to be inheritable. If it is, get ready for Karla, Lonqu and most speedy bois to get a nice boost.

if it isn’t, then the meta remains the same (thank God)

Due to its character. Simple as that. Ayra’s kid has the same special as Ayra.

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