I’m having way too much fun with Jakob right now

its just so satisfying
i can’t wait until I get fodder for the other build

And if he was +10, he’d be able to kill this Bartre, who was on an armored space, but he was just short of lethal damage

I had more, but it’s against unnotable stuff like units with 33 defense or so which is pretty hard to not kill


Nice. :ok_hand:

That SS4 + Special Fighter combo on BK is :feh_disgusting:

too bad he died

Not disgusting in the good way. It’s a terrible combination (unless it’s just for score).

I know it’s a terrible combination in terms of pure synergy
but thats still a disgusting amount of defense
It’s too bad that it wasn’t enough and he died still

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Should’ve used DD4

If the BK was using DD4, I would’ve missed the KO by 10 damage
but if i had full merges and at the bare minimum, 3 dragonflowers then I would do enough damage to KO the BK anyways, without buffs
4 more attack and 3 more defense
So 10 more damage exactly :feh_rein:

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You sacc Ursula for him?!

I sacc everyone for Ursula

If you kill the BK without a Special then I’m a little more impressed.

77 attack is necessary for that.
I only reach 66 attack
Merges would take that to 69, so I’d need to pull 8 attack outta nowhere

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gosh darn it
At maximum potential he hits 71 attack though :man_facepalming:
Now I can add extra team support but that feels like cheating
though he can still kill stuff like that BK without a special, it just takes two rounds
And apparently fully built, he can tank a Black Luna, thankfully. Just barely enough HP. 52 HP, and takes 48 damage from the BL. Because apparently this build reaches 60 defense on player phase at best

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Even my Raven can do that. :feh_corrinmug:

Boi that’s because he has the defenses of a paper boat


And? :feh_corrinmug:

Wanna test it out? :feh_rein:

I said one Black Luna. :thinkinglikelukas:

your raven has 70 soak only so if he doesn’t have any team support, Pavise or anything im gonna be disappointed because he will die to BL

You’re forgetting something. :feh_corrinmug: