I’m not around much anymore but... (massive flex)

Yup. Ya boi is back. My response to Summer Sylvain was of DESPERATE need. And once I got my first copy within 20 orbs, I knew what I had to do. One more copy turned into two more, then four more, until eventually: We are now at the point where fxcking Summer Sylvain will be my first limited/seasonal 5*+10. This all took 300 orbs that I had lying around since there weren’t any banners for a while that appealed to me. Worth it? Worth it. :feh_catria:

dont mind my janky budget build i know it sucks for now shhhhhh


Congrats man! :feh_hridexcited:
4* focuses are much easier to get than 5* ones. But still, having a seasonal at +10 is still a great achievement.
Enjoy your summer boi :feh_nini:


And i’m sure the fact that he was green helps a lot too with how color distribution works! I just knew this would be easy. And thanks, i definitely will :feh_nini:


that’s f■■■ing me