I made a promise. Now I deliver ... probably against my better judgement

Too long of a post so I’ll just condense them into bulletins. Feel free to check out the last bullet for results.

A little backstory for you to enjoy.

28 years ago, when OldNugget was still a FreshNugget, he was chilling on the Super Famicom (Asia version of the SNES) with his cousin, who introduced the title Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem. FreshNugget was no stranger to turn based tactical, since he was a fan of the Super Robot Wars franchise. But he was extremely captivated by the art portraits of the characters, particularly Marth and Caeda. The game mechanics was simple, yet the AI was smart, and every death was unforgiving.

Since then Nugget had indulged himself in the world of Archanea, where he had no clue what he was doing, because the game was entirely in jpn. Yet he kept pushing while provided all the experience and power ups to the protagonist and deuteragonist pair … until the game progressed to such difficulty where the duo could no longer handle. A wall of bricks he couldn’t overcome barring a full reset with a more evenly distributed roster.

This was my first bitter sweet exposure to the Fire Emblem world. I had played many games in the past, but it’s always the ones I couldn’t clear that left the deepest impression, thus Mystery of the Emblem stand among one of those titles. It was an age before the internet, so access to in-game knowledge was extremely scarce. Nonetheless, Marth and Caeda are still my favorite lords.

Enough rambling. Back to gacha?

So fast forward to 2020, a new young hero banner had dropped. At the time I was still learning the ins and outs of FEH, but I was shocked by the power level of these little rascals. Reddit foreshadowed gloom and doom while Y!Caeda was about to flay more than half of the in-game units. But my eyes was set on Y!Marth since he was the 4* focus, and vantage was still a common strategy.

600 orbs later I was a proud owner of +10 Y!Marth, and 5 copies of Y!Caeda came along, which I didn’t think much of. It was never my intention to +10 a seasonal since they are extremely difficult to get.

DSH rolled around 6 months after, and I got another Y!Caeda copy from tickets. Then 2 more copies from orb pack.

At this point I had a +7 Y!Caeda, and I realized I have a really good shot. So I started to budget accordingly in preparation for the 2022 rerun.

Then the next Archanea HoF rolled around, and I thought I was truly blessed by the I$ overlords, since it granted an additional copy with all otherworldy skills to choose from.

The gacha lord giveth, the gacha lord taketh. And it ends in calamity.

In preparation for this rerun, I saved up about 1000 orbs. This should suffice for just 2 copies, no sweat right?

I was wrong.

Usually I keep track of my summons, but this time I gave up midway because it was downright excruciating. To sum it all up, it took me 1102 orbs to get 2 copies. To give you an idea, this is the percentile we are looking at:

Pities along the way:

  • 6x Y!Marth
  • 1x Y!Merric
  • 2x OG!Mareeta
  • 3x V!Palla
  • 1x B!Lysithea
  • 1x F!Ike
  • 1x Hugh
  • 1x Volke
  • 1x Ewan
  • 1x Kris

The killing joke here is I have enough copies to build an entire +10 Y!Marth emblem lul.

Anyways. She's done!

Since I’m a meta slave, I typically spend orbs for mythic & legendary merges; units with no particular attachment or rooting interests. Whereas Y!Caeda is the very first special 5* whom I have completed as a passion project, a unit that I am proud of.

Without further ado, here she is:

Standard Kit

Coliseum Kit

She is now a permanent resident in my Arena core.

FC if you wish to see how she performs:



Yo, congrats!




Congrats! :sparkles: :sparkling_heart:

She’ll be scoring 850 thanks to her prf B so that’s really good! I’m pretty sure she can find some use in AR and SD too.

Here’s some appreciation art :sparkles:


hell yeah, congrats on finishing her! :catclap:


A costly but worthwhile endeavor, especially for when she gets a refine. Congrats!


Man, congrats on slogging through that excruciating 2 copy summon so you could go the full way with her, on the topic of FE1 units while I do have a story for why I like Merric so much I’ll leave it brief, it started at the outset of feh, he was my first 5 star and among my first few 4 stars, and my loyalty to the windy boy stuck into the current day, so hearing that his cohorts were such a big part of your FE journey truly speaks to me.

Thanks for the read.

Merric was another unit I really liked in my first playthrough. His personal tome, the Excalibur, was simply unmatched by any other magical units. Unfortunately I didn’t know there isn’t a way to replenish the charges so it was fully expensed early. I only learned about the Hammerne staff much later.

It wasn’t until my later playthroughs where I found out they sell a tuned down version of the Excalibur tome from the secret shop, but still it was nothing like the original.

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