I made this (+10 showcase, and who's gonna be next?)

I finally finished her, thank you Forging Bonds for making it easier to HM farm. Don’t pay too much attention to her seal. :open_mouth:

Now, the thing is that I need a project for Astra seasons (my weakest season). Most likely a tank. I’ve been thinking about either Sophia or Roy.



I’ve been leaning more towards Roy because I really like his resplendent art, way more than Sophia’s. But the issue is that I already have a +10 Itsuki that I use in Light seasons. They would both serve the same role plus they are in the same place in the weapon triangle (Itsuki has DC + Null-C + Pulse Smoke).

If you guys have a better build for them, please share. Also, if I should build up someone else instead, I’m willing to listen.

  • Sophia
  • Roy
  • Someone else

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Sophia because giraffe neck is actually a good unit.


tenor (15)


Norne or Tanya?

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I’ve been thinking about Norne. Her being colorless is a big plus, but not having a Midori to fodder off holds me back.

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Roy’s actually rather different from Itsuki because of his prf and access to a Spd boon. This lets Roy run some fun builds while the QR lets him always double and break things like Impacts. While itsuki focuses on Atk/Def.

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What kind of build would you recommend?

It depends on what his statline and weapon are. I have an idea of what his statline will be though we’ll see.

My vote’s Sophia. In part because of bias, but also I think she performs better for Astra season with the build you have listed.

When it comes to Astra season, one of the biggest concerns is Thrasir. Who shuts down QR. A tanky unit can struggle with her because of this, and you really need to have the best defenses you can muster, and/or the ability to one-shot her on retaliation. Sophia performs better at this for two reasons. One is her stats. She’s better min-maxed for solid defense and strong attacks, and Bracing Stance 3 with Fierce Stance sacred seal should do a number on Thrasir, if not KO outright. The lower speed is also a boon, since it helps debuffs from Bright Shrine hit a different teammate, preventing her from losing more attack.

The second is Mirabilis. Who gives defense as her buff. Thrasir/Mirabilis is going to be the Astra meta, mark my words. Mirabilis can easily provide the debuffs Thrasir needs for Killing Intent to activate, inflicts combat debuffs to attack and defenses when the foe is visibly debuffed, and provides Thrasir added physical defense. That’s going to make Roy’s life a lot harder as a tank in Astra season, because he has less offensive power and defensive ability than Sophia, but his higher speed won’t make a ton of difference against a +Speed Thrasir running at an effective 47 speed at +0, before factoring in ally support.

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I have both Sophia and Roy. It depends on who you want. Sophia has more attack and defenses but is slow as molasses. Roy has more health and way more speed (not too much but better than literal nothing).
They both have similar weapons, both giving Bracing stance. Personally, I find DC way better for Roy than Bracing Stance 3 which I gave to him mostly as a joke.
Ignore Sophia’s seal

This is Roy’s scoring build, I sometimes give him Sol or Iceberg.
Probably will change Roy’s Boon to speed for doubling prevention or Atk for damage

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Eh? Thrasir gives Def, looks like Mirabilis gives Res (the shield has a blue background)

But you are right in that those two will likely make a deadly defensive duo.

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Crap, you’re right, I got them mixed up. For some reason I had thought Thrasir gave Res, and the shield icon with Mirabilis was Defense.

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Yeah, the way the Anima meta is heading towards, Sophia seems to be the smart choice. Thanks for the reply.

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