I might drop some Spark x Me fanart on here (safe and clean)

I drew this (sharpie and pencil. I wish I could color it in, but I have nothing):

(Whenever Amber (me) loses to a grunt or admin multiple times):


Oh nice!

I feel like this begs the question: is there unsafe or unclean fanart of Spark x You? hahaha

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No, but I can possibly draw it (I just won’t post it anywhere)

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That’s pretty cute. I’m probably going to be judged here, but I ship myself with Luthier romantically.

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Haha, whatever does it for you

That would also be me when I was sooooo close to defeating giovannis frickin entei

Drew this :3

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Wow, there’s definitely a connection in those eyes ;)

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Because of what happened today

I drew this:


Spark caught Shadow Amber and is trying to purify her.

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Ampharos is such a great Pokemon :3

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yo what about absol? or mightyena? or arcanine (literally my top 3 favorite pokemon, i love too many doggos, dont i?)

Arcanine is a good boi :3

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It certainly is! When I play Gold, after I beat Bugsy, I promptly head to Route 32 to catch a Mareep, which remains a valuable member of my team for the remainder of the game. Too bad they do not appear in Crystal.

May its light guide you through the darkest moments of your life.

A truly lgendary Pokemon.

(Spark is kissing me!!)

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How Spark and I defeated Sierra:

I might drop some Steven fan art, he’s my fav male champion. But if u wanna know, yeah my fav champion is Cynthia. She’s the one of the two female champions (Iris doesn’t count) and Diantha’s boring.

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You can draw tyranitar better than me, mine always looks like a spiky egg when I try drawing the body…

Iris doesn‘t count because…?

Well, I’m really just counting the champions from the first games of that generation. The first games of gen 5 were Black And White, and Alder was the champion. It’s also the same for gen 3. I only counted Steven and not Wallace because Ruby and Sapphire came out before Emerald.