I might have finally broken

For the longest time, I had one thought.
‘I won’t get a lvl 100 servant, I’ll use the grails for something else’
But seeing my palls with all their level 100 servants, and seeing how I still would have 11 left after burning up 5…
In addition to that I wanted to find the perfect golden fou target.

I kinda broke probably, and now I want a single 5* as ‘star’ of my collection
Here’s the list on my mind

This is my list. I am NA, but I included some future servant I’d love to get.
For context:
I have all NA servants on the list
Siegfried is NP 5 (As are Sasaki, Ryoma, Salieri and Gilles obviously)
Emiya, Vlad, Gawain and Penth are NP 3
Moriarty and Yagyu are NP 2

While I have this list in 3 tiers, the differences are pretty low between tiers.
Tbh Siegfried is in part at top cuz of his NP level and his massive hp being kinda beautiful.
And a reason why two of my favorites aren’t on the top is because Kojiro feels kinda like a ‘standard’ low rarity servant to fully grail and somehow it doesn’t feel in character for Emiya to stand above all others in stats.

I do like to hear thoughts about this, if anything to hear some fun discussion


You might guess that Amakusa is my personal favorite out of those since I am about to finish his gold Fous, but if you know you like Siegfried the best, I don’t see why you wouldn’t fluff him up.


Amakusa high consideration

Considering Penthesilea, Kagetora, Li (Assassin), Yagyu, EMIYA, and Moriarty

I like your taste.

Follow your heart, who do you most want to see at L100, 10/10/10, possibly even 2K/2K, and max NP? I know I’d take that.

Like that matters lol. Sure for example, I might go “Huh, neat” to a grailed Asterios, or Phantom or Eric, or Nezha and then proceed to only use either of the Berserkers, if that, but… favoritism is favoritism.


My heart is a fickle thing, I like a lot of differend servants a ton.
Part of the reason why I put off on having a lvl 100 servant, and why I’d wouldn’t make more than one.

I can only pick it once, so I’m not going to jump into one thing too fast.

I like your reasoning.

My lvl 100 NP5 2k/2k Gil is one of the most popular picks, but that wasn’t part of my decision. I was still very new when I started working on him, so I wasn’t even aware of community trends.


I’m about to finish my second 2k/2k Servant, and while the RP Fous make it faster, the bulk still come from events.

Two fully Fou’ed Servants in less than a year and a half isn’t too bad.


That’s pretty nuts.

In any case, like I said: Most of my grails go to low rarity servants.
I kinda have a plan in my head of making a level 90 of every class from 4* or lower servants
Of them currently Siegfried, Emiya and Kojiro are done while Vlad Extra, Salieri and either Penth or Summer Nobu are targets. No clue about caster tho


Yeah, it doesn’t need justifying against or alongside other folks’ decisions. Unless, I suppose, that’s explicitly something you wanna do in which case, haha, go off.

I understand that, haha. I’ve ultimately settled on a collection of favorites, but I get that personally.

I think here’s a relatively easy thought to engage: Who do you see yourself using the most even when not ‘relevant’/against their niche (if applicable)? I grailed and will continue to long-term grail Euryale because I’ve still used her against girl Sabers, and boys even if they’d not be counter-classed. Or: Does ‘ease’ of use play a role in this (one reason why Kiara is on the list for me, alongside Kama who can go neutral easily)? That can shift it more towards Penth, Lanling (support), Amakusa.

For another example, I’m still using my B10 Okita, which is why I’m confident calling her a candidate; similarly, L100 B10 Jeanne, especially once QSH drops.

Besides, grails are drip fed, but we will eventually get enough to sate most of our desires bar the truly outside ones. I think we’ve still got like, around 20 upcoming between now and this time 2022.

Shuten (Caster) (I like calling her “Cashew”), is a fair candidate, despite her flaws, IMO.


Most probably.
Amakusa wins points because he’s just so damn general use.
But Siegfried, Ivan, Vlad, Emiya and Gawain do stand out a bit in ‘I’d probably take em anywhere’
Maybe even Saber Gilles. Insane as that sounds. Though for me it kinda feel like ‘if he just had a little bit extra’

Speaking of Casters, Geronimo would also be on the list if he was a little more useful. I love his design, and I kinda like the idea of him playing with the differend cards. Just the execution of it is… So bad it almost makes me cry.

While I do have a like for Shuten in spite of my harsh dislike of Jack for the simplest reasons, her kit doesn’t really win me over. Though I do want to kinda put a female in the caster spot to avoid the sausage fest that is my lineup.
Issue being that many casters are support, and I kinda like grailing a support less. (which is why Chiron and Caster Gil don’t appear on this list, despite me loving them)

Then I’d lean towards Sumanai, Ivan or Vlad, and EMIYA. Particular focus to Siegfried due to him already being near-max spec, and Ivan because for all my ‘issues’ with him, he’s a squarely well-rounded unit with a pretty complete kit that has answers to all sorts of stuff. Break bar debuff (assuming it’s not unremovable)? Cleanse. Buff spam? Strip. Star regen on a Rider, further pairing wonderfully with Hans/Merlin/etc. Later even gets an Interluded NP with post-NP Buster res down, which not everyone can say they have. Hell, he’s even got Golden Rule for high NP uptime, even if you’re forced to make a trade-off between that and potentially not cleansing debuffs.

Granted, I do not think the 5 grails would make the difference in actual play… but it’d sure be fewer for your singular 100 unit than any SR or below.

Cashew is a DPS. A bit of a wonky one, but an effective DPS nonetheless.


I feel like a user on this site having a L100 Saber Gilles would be iconic.

But it’d be difficult to support that. :eyes:

I feel like just going with whoever you feel like even if you’re unsure is the best way to do it :thinking: what is there to lose?


Alright I’ve done two things.

First, crossing out the options I kinda have come to think ‘probably not’ and a green arrow up as ‘more likely’

I might put one of the other Saber’s at Siegfried’s spot of lvl 90 if I pick him.
Kojiro and Emiya also feel fine as they are now, I love em as they are.

Second thing
Lining up for me the raw stats at max potential for the ‘more likely’ ones

Atk: 11,905
Hp: 19,175

Atk: 12,358
Hp: 16,404

Atk: 14,719
Hp: 16,553

Atk: 14,011
Hp: 17,455

Atk: 12,625
Hp: 17,769

Saber Gilles
Atk: 10,952
Hp: 16,234

(special mention to Gawain, who reaches 14,317 atk. On par with 5* servants)

Funny how Siegfried’s hp is a good deal above Ivan and Amakusa (though he has ruler cheats for def).
While Saber Gilles is low in atk, reaching almost 11,000 makes him look a tad less weeny. Seriously though, why give what’s basicly a berserker in saber form a hp scewed statline?

Granted, stats are fun to look at but only matter so much. Just one part of the overall kit. My Hans is bulkier than he would be, but can still die to a fierce breeze.

You might also consider how often you would use their competition.

Take Ivan again as an example. Do you have Drake, Achilles, Iskandar? Like either of them more or less? Inapplicable for comparison in the first place by not making your shown list?

Or EMIYA. Do you have Ishtar or Gil or other Busters Archers? Would you still use or like him enough to displace an NP2 Ishtar (not for me, but I did give Ishtar 5 shiny cups)?

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I can’t speak much on the grailing of 5 stars since I’ve never done that myself, but I can discuss some of the others.

  • I know some players grail Siegfried up so that he’s good for general use rather than mainly being good in his niche, so that’s a good idea if that’s what you’re looking for.

  • I quite like Sakamoto for design and gameplay, so I’d support making him stronger.

  • Sure, Kojirou is a common option, but that doesn’t mean he’s any less cool or not as good of a grail option. You don’t have to bring him to 100 though, I’m planning on 90 with gold fous to achieve a good strength level, just have other priorities at the moment for grails.

  • I’d agree with you for Emiya, doesn’t exactly fit unless you really like him.

  • Vlad seems pretty fun from my use and could use the Extra (pun intended) stats. But again, only bring to 100 if you really like him and will use him a lot.

  • I know someone with a level 90 Saber Gilles and while I think his offensive potential could stand to gain from grails, personally I’d wait for confirmation of a future buff before taking the leap. Apparently there’s going to be strengthening quests for the 5th anniversary, so hopefully he’s on the list.

  • Salieri is pretty cool, I’m considering grailing him, but as usual it depends how much you like him/use him as to whether you grail him and to what level.

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I would choose Ivan for farming reasons and wiping out groups quickly. Slap MLB Mona Lisa CE on Ivan in your Rider Support and get all the friends points plus be a quick stage clear NP for your own doors runs, which will be a lot of QP if you start grailing and max skilling your Servants.

On top of that, even though I am not personally a fan of Sieg, you have him at his peak so a DPS Saber like that will do some heavy damage during tougher quests.

Alright my go to servants, per class (dps):

Saber: Siegfried (with George and Merlin setup 90% of the time), Lancelot, Yagyu
Archer: Moriarty, Emiya, Chiron (in a way), Emiya Alter, I kinda should use Ishtar (I use a lot of archers)
Lancer: Vlad III, Karna, Li Shuwen
Rider: Ryoma, Vlad Ivan, starting to use Ozy more (need to level skills)
Caster: Nero almost exlusively. But Gil in a way and Midrash, but more as hybrid support and damage.
Assassin: Kojiro, Old man Hassan.
Berserker: Hijikata, Heracles, Penth, Summer Nobu since recently
Extra: Amakusa, Lobo (Salieri still needs investment)

Ivan has plenty of strengths, but farming isn’t really one of them. For Buster AoE with no battery, I draw the line at Raikou, and I don’t even use her anymore.

Not to say that he is anything but good or that he can’t be used in farming, but that’s not what his kit best enables.

Oh no, you’re giving me hope

Anyway even if it’s 2 years away for us, might be good to wait for that news. Knowing how much I’ve stuck with Feh and Fgo, I have no doubt I’ll stick around


You mean Ivan here, right? There’s no Rider Vlad yet.

The only servant I would personally consider on that list is Moriarty, but that obviously comes down to preferences and making him a little bit stronger at the same time.

I agree with whoever stated that Siegfried was the choice. If he is a higher tier AND Np5… it sounds like love and gameplay are both addressed and in my opinion, you cannot beat that.