I might have found the stats for the Book 3 oc's

I don’t remember what led me to do this, but i went on Gamepedia and checked out the pages for the Book 3 oc’s. Usually Gamepedia has stats for the unreleased oc’s and the same holds true here. However, unlike the book 2 oc’s, the bst of these 4 units are around the same as what has been released as of late. This leads me to believe that these are what their stats will be if/when they get released.

I put each of their stats in the Unit Builder for a better visual representation.


Without weapon:

With weapon:

171 bst (around the same as Brave Alm and most likely Astram)


Without weapon:

With weapon:

160 bst (around the same as Legendary Julia)


Without weapon:

With weapon:

162 bst (the same as Brave Eliwood and Sirius)


Without weapon:

With weapon:

167 bst (the same as Sigrun)

What do you guys think about all of this?

Gamepedia pages (Source)



Yeah, I looked into Líf a few days ago myself. :thinking:

He’s very well rounded, which I like. I’ll enjoy building him :fgo_buster:


Lif looks really cool. Looks like I’ll be going mixed tank :eyes:

Hel looks like the only good one tbh, which I expected

I neer to save for her, let’s hope this halloween banner sucks and i get my Azura from this week banner so i can start to save.
I’m so excited for Hel… I might die.


Darn you really want to meet her, don’t you?

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Thrasir’s defenses aren’t terrible, so I might run a tankier set.

If all of this is true, unsurprising, but still nice stats.

Líf’s Spd Stat, loving it.

yeah, her weapon is also super good, imagine Hel with mystic boost. Can’t kill her unless you double.

Which is why she’s perfect for a Heavy Blade Galeforce build.

Need some attack investment tho.

Might run this, but…

…Hel is also very fast.

iirc, Thrasir’s weapon has a withering effect of debuffing the nearest ally/allies by 4 to everything.

Idunn’s best friend.


Hopefully this isn’t true, this banner would suck having 3 characters share a color

I don’t think all of them would be on a single banner.

And you have to remember Henriette is a person, too.


That’s why Harsh Command is a good support skill on her.

Making her enemy phase, yah.

Player phase, not so much.

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I’m also kinda surprised we haven’t seen more Withering Weapons since Fallen Berkut with Kriemhild.

Hope not, I was looking really forward to Gustav and he doesn’t seem that great from his stats. His defense and res isn’t very good and he’s got a really crap speed that should be dropped to like 17 to increase his bulk.

That attack stat looking mighty fine to me though, I’ll give him that one

Attack is the only stat he needs.

His weapon gives him +6 attack if his foe is melee and if they can retaliate, he makes a follow-up. (Anyone correct me if any of that is wrong.)