I might just be going crazy, but are they facing the wrong way?



They’re going on blind dates. The first person they bump backs with will be their partners


I want to bump Idoun’s back.


I’d be fine with Kagero or Idunn. I would feel really awkward with the other two… a child and a furry… I’m good.


Duma - No thank you. There’s only so much muscle I can take and he’s… Just too much for me. And that hair. My Lord.

Ike - Sure I guess.

Lucina - Same as Ike.

Veronica - No. Definitely not.

Panne - Eh. I don’t like her Feh version (she looks unnaturally cute and it’s disturbing) and her Awakening version is too serious.

Myrrh - Same as Veronica.

Kagero - Her boobs will suffocate me. I’m not about that life.

Idunn - Eh… No thank you.


I’m pretty sure the game’s the one going crazy…