I need a good Fates unit to build, what are good suggestions?

After struggling with Marth’s Legendary limited hero I have come to find out that I have very little “good” units or at the very least versatile units which can be used. I have a +10 Soleil but I’d argue she’s decent. I have Kagero at +3 and with the usual desperation LnD build… What are some good/worth while units to build up and invest in for +10 in the fates category? I’m sort of leaning towards M! Kana but I don’t really wanna use the grails since I have other units I want to build with them. is Effie, Arthur, Shigure, Peri or Camilla worth the effort? These limited hero battles are really showing me what characters from specific games I should give more attention to.


Laslow, and both Corrins (male and female) have good refines. It really depends on what kind of role you’re looking for.


Do you have any Fates characters that are 5*exclusives as or right now?
Some of the best fates F2P fates characters are, as @Annie_May said, the corrins and laslow because of all of their great refines. Camilla has high res and decent stats overall, as well as a refine that helps flyer and cav allies and herself. Effie is a decent generic armor tank. If you want a player phase fates unit, Hana is the way to go. Mage killer: Felecia. Shigure will be good when he gets his refine. A F2P dancer is adrift azura from the grail shop. M!kana is also decent from the grail shop. Soleil has good spd and will also be great when her refine drops.


I can tell you this, Saizo tanked L!Marth’s abyssal with a bit of assistance. I completely rely on him and his ability to tank. Some people go a Res boon and CC, the chads go with an Atk boon and CF. :feh_fabxan:

But seriously Spiral and sol is slept on and Saizo is a great user of that set up. Self sustain and all those debuffs will make him a hard unit to kill

I’ve heard people like using M! Corrin but I don’t understand what for I mean isn’t stat wise he’s a bit underwhelming, same thing with his refine? F! Corrin I get because of her new refine but I can’t find many builds which don’t rely on rare skills like Bonus Doubler or Null Follow up.

People use M!Corrin because of his refine being a support refine.

And with a stat refine he’s actually really flexible.


Did you give him CF or Close Counter? I wanna invest in Saizo because of that awesome debuff refine, but I for some reason have no Saizos. Guess I don’t pull on colorless enough. I know his pairing up with Corrin is very synergistic. Res boon though huh? I thought that was more of a throw away stat for him…

His refine is amazing, he gets +2 to all visible stats and gives his support partner +6-+5 stats depending on how far away he is from them. My m!corrin has Yato, support, distant guard, and close guard, so he gives (when he’s within 2 spaces): +5 Atk +5 spd +9 def +9 res when the support partner gets attacked


I’d recommend close foil, but at the same time, there are a lot of dragons in those battles…

Yeah I have quite a few, Opheila, L! Azura, Healer Camilla, but none of them are really invested in since they’re hard to get. I have a 4* Hana +10 but I’m unsure if I’d want to build her right now because I just recently finished up +10-ing Soleil. I hope Shigure and of course Soleil get their refines really soon and are pretty decent. The refines in general have been pretty nice so far!

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Yeah people say that Saizo cannot be tanky with such a low res stat, they were wrong. My Saizo can tank TA+Raventome but survives with very little Hp. But anyways I run CF with Spiral Sol. :feh_caspar:


I think people really only run Saizo in AR during Light season with Eir for the extra resistance.


Wow I didn’t realize that he’s hitting a nice 37 for both Res and Def. +spd for his Yato? Why not the main Prf refine? Thanks for this, I think I’ll consider building him in a near future considering he keeps popping up every red orb summon.

I’ve never seen anyone run a Saizo IN AR…

Why not the main Prf refine?

Honestly, it mostly depends on you. I, personally, would rather run M!Corrin with a stat refine because his flexibility sky rockets and can run pretty much any build with fairly good results, but if you need a buff unit then that option is also there.


Ok, backup. You. Have. Ophelia. That is all. Put her on a team with l!azura, adrift azura, and another person. Or, if you can only run 1 refresher, run her with l!azura, Odin, and say b!camilla. You don’t need a lot of investment for l!azura, she has what she need in her base kit. And just slap L&D on Ophelia

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I’ve seen a few people here talk about how good he was in AR (of course this was when he got his refine, it’s been a while since then).

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Nononononono if you want balanced defenses, you need a res boon for corrin

Any lower budget build option? I sadly don’t have Spiral 3 or Close Fail to spare… I don’t think Fury would be too good on him specially if you’re going to be using him to chance tanking a mage after getting into a battle with a physical unit. Would stance skills or something be decent?

I’ve only seen 1; he tried to tank my cav line, which had b!veronica, Bernadette, who was panicked, Rein, and SM eirika.