I Need a lot of help making a very Solid team

Hi! I need help making a very Great and solid son family team!
I have LL Gohan on 5 zenkia’s and 7*. But I don’t know how to make a team centered around him! And i’ve been playing for 2 years! I’m not a whale also.
So, can someone please help me make a son family team that can’t be beat!
And I don’t have people on a lot of star’s either just to let y’all know.

Hi there. Please send screenshots of all your Extreme and sparking Son Family Characters. Then I would find the best combination for you to run Zenkai LF Gohan.

Thank you(Gohan’s words when he fight’s 1st or 2nd form cell)! I will try to take pictures.

Not to be rude, but I am pretty sure Gohan only fought Perfect Cell. He has seen Cell’s 2nd form during the cell games when he punched him hard and he puked Android 18 out. But never fought him.
If you mean in Dragon Ball Legends, I think he says that to anyone he faces except Goku and Perfect Cell.

That’s what I mean.

And here’s my screenshot


Alright. Let’s make the best team possible for you.


  1. Zenkai LF Ssj2 Gohan (red)
  2. Ssj4 Goku (pur)
  3. Saiyan Saga Goku (Blu) or LF Transforming Ssj Namek Goku (Blu). Use the one which fits your battle style better.
    If you want someone to do good damage, team heal, provide support and debuff enemy, use Saiyan Saga Goku.
    If you want a good last Man standing, counter via special move and a better defensive kit, use LF Ssj Namek Goku. Depends which one suits your play style better. Personally, I think Saiyan Saga Goku is better. Anyway-


  1. Ssgss Future Goku (red)
  2. Ultimate Gohan (grn)
  3. LF Ssj 3 Goku (grn) [can be used in core against strong Blu units]


  1. Start of with Saiyan Saga Goku. Switch out and give support buffs. Use Ssj2 Gohan to deal damage. Use Ssj4 Goku to restore ki and let him absorb damage if necessary. Make sure Gohan survives no matter what. Even if the opponent has Blu units. Gohan can nullify color disadvantage so he will be handy. Also, he is the most starred character in your team.
    One question from my side, how did you get your Gohan to 7 stars? Your other units are pretty low starred, so just wondering, did you summon a lot on the Legends Return banner?
    Hope my answer helped.

And btw, if you think LF Ssj3 Goku is completely trash, then use Full Power Ssj4 Goku instead of him. Full Power Ssj4 is clearly much better, the only thing holding him back is the fact that he doesn’t buff Saiyans at 2 stars. So choose the one you think better.

Thank u so much! Now I will be able to fight whales!