I need a second opinion for my free 4* ticket selection

I’m torn between two servants NP1 Nitocris and NP2 Zerkerlot.
At the beginning of the year I was planning to use my 4* ticket on Herc and roll for Nito on this Halloween banner but Herc spooked me on May he is at bond 10 now plus i don’t think i can roll on this banner for Eresh reasons.
I wanted Nito since Camelot for character reasons plus she is an awesome farmer and thanks to Nerofest i can 9/9/6 her as soon as i get her.
But on the same banner i got Herc i also got spooked by Lancelot.
My reason to get Zerkerlot is Skadi, i was lucky enough to get a kscope (a single one i don’t have a MLB Kscope) and i also have Weaver I’m a F2P so relying on spooks for second copies of 4* is not an option for me.
A youtuber said that NP1 Zerkerlot+Kscope+Weaver is an alternative to NP5 Zerkerlot+MLBKscope if that’s the case i could wait for next year 4* ticket to pick the second copy of Lancelot by that time the Skadi rolls will be over and i would be able to see if i was lucky enough to get Skadi and if my friend list was as lucky as me.
So long history short do i pick Nitocris as the safest bet or should i pick Lancelot and pray that i get Skadi next year because if i don’t get her Lancelot is going straight to second archive.

Both could spook you in the future, but pick Nito, since you already seem to like her so much.

Don’t focus too much on “hurr durr double Skadi T3 everything”. She’s still very good and you’ll see a notable performance boost on any quick servant.
Even if you only had NP1 Zerklot, you can still use Arash or another farmer to clear the 1st wave.


I second the opinion that you should get the useful waifu now rather than the option that requires an F2P person to get a lucky gatcha in the distant future or your choice gets chained in the archives.

If you do get lucky and roll skadi, there’s always next year’s 4*ticket to np2 zerkalot with if he doesn’t come again naturally.


Get best bunny* pharaoh!

* I am aware they are actually jackal/ Anubis Ears.

Nitocris, easy. Character loyalty + can get her almost-entirely farming-ready as soon as you get her and is a powerful farmer + still scales respectably with dupes. Not that I think Zerkerlot is at all bad (especially when NP2+ opens up so many options), but all else equal good farmer you love > good farmer. Also, this is a new Servant after all.

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