I need advice about GSSR

Hi!! I kinda want to roll on the GSSR but I’m not sure if it’s worth it for me, because of the servants I want/have

Red= I have
Green= I want
Brown= I hate
Plus the 4 star I would love Fujino np 2 ( I have one already) and raikou lancer, they are on the banner 2017 banner, where there are a lot of servants I hate or already have, 2018 looks also good but I hate arjuna alter so much I would literally burn him.
Do you think is worth the risk? Or I should spend the money somewhere else.?

Well…seeing as you seem to hate a LOT of Servants, you might not want to risk the severe disappointment.

Otherwise, I would say go with year 4, but it’s a shame you happen to hate the most powerful Buster Servant in the game, and that result will be a waste if you get it. Decent chance of getting something you want or at least could make use of.


I was thinking the same, year 4 doesn’t look so bad, even getting np2 for Jeanne wouldn’t be so bad, it would make her better to 3t farm with castoria, arjuna later is the only bas thing there for me :frowning: I don’t have a single buster support outside Shakespeare, so I’m not really interested on him
Reines looks so good since I don’t have waver though

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I lost to temptation and did it, I got Summer BB, I would have preferred Reines but im quite happy, and the I spent the 3 sq I had left of da Vinci’s banner and got her, so im quite happy, 13 bucks for 2 five star I like


That’s a lot of hate for Arjuna Alter, i mean you may not like him but you still can’t deny his efficiency. Burning him seems a bit too drastic since even without proper supports he can still help you a lot.