I need advice. Do I give DC to Brave Ike or Myrrh?

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Well, while you (probably) edit the description (or not), it really depends on further details. If you can pair Ike with Brave Lucina, then probably yes. Might change the reply or give additional ones if you give more details.

Very thoughtful post, thank you.
Give DC to Frederick to make use of his great 14 res

Brave Ike.

i do have brave lucina. I’m making a team for aether raid and thinking whether to give ike dc and qr or dd and other defensive buffs to make a super tank. I also recently got -spd/+hp myrrh which is not the best IV but it is fine and I know that dc is myrrh’s best choice. But I’m not quite sure what occation will I be using her. Maybe in my all dragons team with nowi and young tiki perhaps .

Well, I would say that, ideally, you should give Brave Ike a Nailah for DC + Null C-Disrupt (that’s what I use with him in AR) instead of just giving him DC from someone, most especially if you want to use him for AR, but I guess it’s not mandatory if you’d rather give DC to him right now.

Myrrh could use a simple Steady Stance 3 from a 4* Silas if you dislike Fury on her.

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Brave Ike with his refine is the better option, he can do a null c distrup + DC set to be a killer wall of destruction

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