I need advice for halloween cup team building

(I’m new to this community and my english is bad so i apologize if i do something wrong)

Hello everybody,
Could you please help me building a halloween cup ?
I’m bad at creating teams for gbl, and i would like some help to build a team that respects two conditions :

1- A Shadow Skuntank (Poison Jab + Crunch/Flamethrower) has to be in it
2- A Ghost type has to be in it

Thanks to you if you take a little time to help me :slight_smile:

Azumarill and alowak maybe? You need something to cover darks and galvantula and Beedrill.

How about Mandibuzz? Like where does it sit in?

I’m in a PvP group doing casual halloween cup tournaments. The Meta seems to be Azumarill, Galvantula, and A-marowak. Many started to use Crustle and Skuntank as well.

I always build teams by the ABB rule. Azumarill will likely be the most used in this cup. So you start building a team by either have your lead to be an Azu counter, or both of your backup to be able to fight Azu. Your skuntank (without sludge bomb) is weak to Azumaril. I don’t know what you have, but you can go something like this:

For example,
A being main Azu counter -

  • Venusaur, A-wak, skuntank

A being weak to Azu, but you have BB as your switch to fight back-

  • Skuntank, Azu, gengar

How is Gengar viable? If you use Gengar enjoy getting your mon plundered in 3 secs. And AFTER the Skuntank and Azu got crashed off by something.

i recommend to actually play some PvP or at least run simulations before questioning how something is viable…


Glassy mons are pretty viable if you have a tactic for them. Armed with an energy advantage, Genger & Haunter can decimate teams that aren’t prepared

Don’t worry I played Haunter before and quickly gave up trying that shit. I remember the op’s lead was a Volt Switch Ampharos, he probably has a Whiscash on the back and basically decimated by back row before killing the Haunter by spamming VS. Sorry. Gengar is effectively same thing.

They aren’t easy to play, you can’t just drop them in any old team and expect them to work. But just because they don’t suit you, doesn’t mean they can’t do wonders for someone else

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Also I will probably run this, but I’m also paranoid that if someone does run T-Tar or leads with something that crashes the Galvantula, like Crustle or Marowak, followed by the Azu on the back I’ll probably die.

(Remember, just like EVERYTHING I use these mons were already optimized)

Remember Mandibuzz has Air Slash, and I can only imagine Alolan Marowak vs Azu the worst outcome ever.

I’ll look forward to your videos on beating gengars in haloween cup then. :slight_smile:

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You haven’t head of me saying this before, but I only say Haunter twice in GL and Gengar once in PCML (This was like the first PCML season, never saw one since)

Basically they pick out all of your counters one by one, before going in for sweep. And in VERY bullshit and inconceiveable ways, too. Never beat one of those teams before.

Meanwhile if I DO use it, I’ll be met with a hard counter and lose.

There was one time where it’s also the first time I met a Shadow Victreebel, I’m running Whiscash Melmetal Cresselia (It’s an old fight) and needless to say I just conceded by the 2nd mon because the way OP plays was outright ridiculous.

(The first mon was a Shadow Victreebel I led with Whiscash, swapped to Cress (PC/FS/MB, old) out of frustration, op stayed a while after sending Haunter. Conceded after Cress blown up 2 of his shields, cannot win.)

(Only recently I’ve actually been properly able of dealing with Shadows in GL)

Gengar can beat Azumarill with Shadow Punch/Shadow Ball given equal shields but it does require the Azu shielding the Shadow Punch. I wouldn’t rely on it as an Azu counter so Skuntank/Azu/Gengar isn’t great. If you try Shadow Punch/Sludge Bomb you pick up some wins but lose others and still rely on Azu shielding the Shadow Punch. Even if you want to use Azu as a counter to Azu you need to run Play Rough and they need to not.

OP’s asking to build a team with skuntank and ghost. I can’t think of a better choice than Gengar if OP were to lead with Skuntank.

Your assumption is that gengar/azu will matchup with opponent’s Azu with full HP, but that’s not how ABB team concept works. It should go like this:

  • opponent leads with Azu
  • you instant swap to Azu, they swap out to Azu counter. let’s say venusaur.
  • Azu faints, opponent’s venusaur has like 1/4 HP left (or more health but 1 shield left)
  • You come back with skuntank to finish venusaur with some energy farmed.
    Now shield count should be 2v1 or 1v0.
  • A red HP Skuntank throws energy on Azu, switch to your gengar
    Now you have 100%HP gengar, versus 50% Azu, and opponent’s third with 100%. Shield count should be 2v1 or 1v0.
  • If their third is something like A-wak, you flipped a unfavorable lead match. If it’s a hard counter, you lose of course.

I don’t know if this would work in reality. That’s just one way i think it could’ve work against Azumarill lead. If you have better suggestions, please do share. Please do not call others’ suggestions “isn’t great” like that… :slight_smile:

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I think you’ll struggle with Crustle - not sure how many will prep one just for this but I recommend having some way of dealing with it as it has a really nice win rate if people go for it

He’ll probably struggle with leading ghosts as well. Except maybe drifblim. Not to mention mawile with firefang

@Tylterr Maybe lead with dusclops or A-wak and use wigglituff as your third

This team sounds pretty solid to me - I’d be tempted to run Skuntank with Sludge Bomb over Crunch but I guess it depends on how well the strategy works as to whether you need the extra poison coverage

Won’t that make skunktank too slow for lead purposes

Possibly - I haven’t really looked into the detail tbh!

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