I need advice: Niles boon

I have a +7 Niles with summoner support and 10 dragonflowers. The build is:

Niles Bow (Flashing Blade refine)
Fury 3
Desperation 3
Speed Ploy 3
Brazen Atk / Res 3 seal

His boon is Speed, but I just pulled a Niles + Attack… Considering he has a superboon in this stat and that I want to build a Niles + 10 with SS and this build, what do I choose?

  • Atk +
  • Spd +

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Considering that he’ll have 45 unbuffed Spd with this set at +10 (50 with Spd Ploy), seems like enough to me. Could always run Brazen Atk/Spd Seal if you really need it to go any higher. My vote goes to +Atk.

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