I need help about planning

I would like to kindly ask for your help.

I am trying to clear annihilation 3.

I am ok with defenders, they can survive till the end even if they are not E2.

Casters are good too. I have Ceobe and Angelina both E2 that can deal with things. Yes, Angelina is not a caster, but when her E2 is active she does a lot of art damage…

My problem are snipers.

I have Schwartz E2, but short range is not ideal for annihilation 3. Even if her 3rd skill can easily kill the big drones and def crushers.

So, i need to E2 a few of my other snipers.

Who should i pick between Exu, Greytroath, Platinum, Deer nuker, Meteorite, Sesa, Meteor ?

I was thinking about Exu and Platinum, for her longer range and atk buff

Exusiai and Platinum are both really good picks for A3

Exusiai can shred up mobs using her S2 or S3, and you can manipulate the RNG of her E2 Talent to proc on a specific OP. Just deploy the OP you want the buff on first, followed by Exu and then your Vanguard

Platinum with her S2 gets a +1 to her range, this lets her hit enemies farther away, and if you happen to have her in bottom lane she could potentially wipe out an entire group before they even start moving. E2 for her isn’t necessary, she works fine for my A3 Auto at E1 LV50 S7

The two biggest Archetypes that’ll help you here will be AoE Guards and Healing Defenders. Enemies will cluster around your midlane like bread dough, and the former of the two will clump their body parts together like a Stand Mixer. Healing Defenders on the other hand have the benefit of taking a load off your Medics and having Block +3. Saria is an MVP for my A3 comp, that S2 is broken as shit here, especially with her E2 SP Regen Talent

For my A3 comp

  • Ch’en
  • Astesia
  • Specter
  • Exusiai
  • Platinum
  • Saria
  • Gavial
  • Shining
  • FEater
  • Projekt Red
  • Zima
  • Ifrit


Thank you!
Actually, i don’t use guards save for Ch’en E1 level 60.

Using both Oshiguma and Nian E1 max level i can block all.
Then My Angelina ( which is only mastery 1 but i make it up with E2 level 82) will use her skill and kill things that my defenders block.

In fact, i have cleared Annihilation 3 with 397 kills out of 400.

My problem is that i lack the firepower to kill the last big nasty drones…

The rest is hard but i can manage.

Even Def. Crushers are a joke with Ceobe 2nd skill.

Damn big drones…

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If your goal now is to clear Anni 3, Exu and plat are the AA snipers you want.

More than the Ops themselves, Anni 3 is about knowing when to retreat, redeploy, and change Ops to fit the current situation.

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Thank you.

Yeah, i somehow figured it out before with some trial and error.

For example, an effective way to deal with big drones i created is:

Ch’en 2nd skill to deal with drone in upper screen.

Bottom screen, i place my Schwartz and when the drone appear…activate her skill. 2 bolts and the drone is dead.

The next step i have to do is implementing this in the whole level. I mean, i know how to deal with big drones. Wow, i’m great… :roll_eyes:

But the level is full of other enemyes, also.

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Once you’ve gotten the 2 snipers up, the map will be much easier. While Schwarz can deal large amount of damage, she still needs to prioritise the Air units first, something AA units do automatically.

1 AA top and 1 AA bot should more than suffice, leaving your Ch’en to guard a lane by herself (I personally use Ch’en to guard bottom lane facing up so she can blast the mid lane enemies too.

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Eh, my problem is that my Ch’en is only E1 level 60.

I am not sure that she alone can kill the big brutes with healt regen in bottom line.

Not to mention, near the end we get those strong caster enemyes too.

I was thinking that maybe i should E2 Nightingale for her Santuary skill?

I mean, when all those casters appears, how can i make Ceobe survive the onslaught unless i use sanctuary on her?

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I use S2M3 Ch’en as a Carpet Bomb for Post 350

Comp from Top to Bottom (0-350)

  • Zima ~ Atesia
  • Shining ~ Exusiai
  • Specter
  • Saria
  • Gavial ~ Platinum
  • FEater

350-375 is the same, except I remove Zima to free up a slot for Ch’en/Red. I deploy Ch’en and Red 3-4 times during this, and Ifrit once

375-395, I put Ifrit on the tile infront of Exu, for whatever reason (size or spacing) the DCs can still be hit by her even tho they should technically be out of range

395 I retreat FEater since bottom is done, then deploy Ch’en again to burst down the DC Leader. Smooth sailing from there


Yea, if Ch’en is E1 60 she might need some additional help from a sniper to gun down the enemies, still, frequent activation of her S2 will do the trick.

Are you referring to the invisible casters? If so, aggro management is important. Place all your guards, defenders, healers after your ranged units, from front to back. So that as enemies progress, the ranged units at the front will take max 1-2 hits from enemies, after which, enemies will target those Ops behind them.

That’s why i am considering E2 some snipers.
I am even considering to E2 Meteor as a emergency, in case a big Drone get past my snipers / casters.

No, the casters i am referring to are the red ones with double attack. These guys are deadly

Also, i am unsure if Silence is fit for annihilation 3.

I mean, her kit is strong but she is a bit slow. And this map rewuires fast healing.

Problem is, Gavial is E1 level 45

Silence can be ok, Gavial’s heal is a bit on the low side so you need higher DPS to compensate. If you have Ptilopsis, she can be a great addition to supercharge all abilities. Shining/Nightingale provide higher heals due to their higher stats, and Night’s phantom can help soak some caster dmg and provide additional Res.

Actually, the map doesn’t require much healing at all, only constant heals. Make sure your ground operators are deployed last and they can take the hits. Mid lane requires maybe 2 Def if your Ops are lower level still.

Hey Mat, I am going to upload a video on Annihilation 3 soon and create the relative topic. Hope it can help you :fgo_pancakeslmao:.
I finally found a way to make auto-deploy always work :partying_face:. Because drones are so annoying in this stage and in the past my strategy didn’t work all the time when I went with auto-deploy. But putting Lappland in the squad doesn’t give the drones any chances anymore to pass through. I don’t know why I thought about her so late, my bad :fgo_meltbirb:


Sure, i’m curious to see your video :wink:

Let’s see your strategy

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