I need help at FGO

I’m fairly new in this game and I’m playing in Na. I was playing only for about month so I want to know if some expert on FGO can give advice. I have completed the first singularity.
Here is my bunch!

I have also the weakest servant.
If someone can give advice on whom to concentrate, it will be very helpful.


Also, I’m not a whale.

Honestly I wouldn’t call Quezt, Nero Caster and Jeanne “weak”, they’re not the strongest but in just one month you got one of the best ST rider, one of the best AoE Caster and a unique Ruler who can help you during some hard challenge quest and/or boss fights.

Really, the only servant I would call “weak” is Stheno but just because there are better Assassin, she’s fine because every servant of this game has his/her own niche.

Even low star servants like Arash, Hans, Leonidas and Mozart can be very useful, you just have to understand their skills and what role they could play in your team.

So I suggest to lvl up and Ascend all your gold servants (start with the SSR of course) and don’t forget about some niche servants, like Euryale, who will be very useful during one of the singularity.

And, of course, if you have favorite servants, focus on them. Trust me, there are strong and weak servants in this game but ALL of them can be useful, so don’t be afraid if you are interested in a certain servant but he/she is a 1☆ servant

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I mean Angra. bruh


Cool servants.

Not an expert but doesn’t take to be one to say you got a good defensive servant in Jeanne. Her skills may not be doing any favors in her kit but her NP, especially when upgraded, sets up a stall team like no other.

Mordred, and Lancer Artoria Lancer serve as great Area Damage dealers within their own classes. Quetz too as a Single Target damage dealer within the Eider class.

Tristan, although by some standards may hit not that hard but has a buff removal, and has a teamwide evasion just like David.

And speaking of David, low stars can be good too. Units like Hans and David can serve as great supports for a borrowed DPS. Hans is a mini-Merlin and David is a less offensive Tristan.

My suggestion is levelling your support servants cause when starting you’d tend to rely more on borrowed DPS servants from your friends.

Edit: I’m also speaking from experience and relying on someone to point out holes on what I wrote.

Thanks I did use Arash as farming, David as consistency and Billy as crit star.

Actually, they’re referring to Angra Mainyu, AKA Angry Mango, AKA “Weakest Servant”. He calls himself this.


And Hans and Shake spear were only caster servants i used very much.

I didn’t see him :fgo_meltpensive:

bruh i only joined gamepress and can send only one photo.

They’re good supports especially Hans. Shakey is usable in supporting Buster servants.
The only problem is that their soft. Good thing you’ve got Jeanne.

And don’t forget to level Mash. She’s a solid defensive servant as you progress through story mode.

Well i already forgot, and only raise her skills

It’s all good. She gets better as the story progresses, but seeing as you’re still starting out you can maybe put off on levelling her until later and focus on who you want, for now.

Thanks i did leveled Siegfried at first cause he is cool and i have high level Goerge.

I know a lot of people don’t like Siegfried, but considering his niche and how many dragons there are in Part 1, I’d suggest raising him. He carried me through my first year faithfully, and was helpful with all those dragons in the seventh singularity as well. And that was before he got all his buffs. Even if you have Mordred as well.

Fuuma is worth leveling at the very least for the fact that he’s an AoE assassin, and you don’t get many of these in the game.

Liz buffs female party members, so she’d do great in tandem with LAlter.

Jeanne The Bacon Saver should also be leveled and her interlude (or was it rank up? Anyway, the thing that removes her self-stun) done. Jeanne, why wouldn’t you come to me? Is it bond10 Gilles? Both of them? T_T


First thanks for advice, second bruh on jeanne to you. Hope you will get her.

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Also i leveled Angry mango cause i dont have any other avenger. Is he really bad?

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Yeah, my Ruler luck is non-existent :fgo_nitocry:

Also, no-one mentioned OG Cu yet? That’s weird, the best cockroach is very useful. Oh, and start leveling Euryale for Camelot - she’ll make your life so much easier!

Well i like using all dogs of Chulain, and thanks on advice on Euryale

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