I need help building a good team

These are my sparking and extreme units

Hi. Use this team.
Core -

  1. Bardock (red)
  2. Saiyan Saga Goku (Blu)
  3. Ssj4 Goku (pur)
  4. Bardock [yel (can be used in core against pur units)]
  5. Ssj GT Kid Goku (grn)
  6. Ex Raditz

Note : If you play story mode you get various forms for Shallot the latest being Ssg. I you do that, remove Ex Raditz from the bench and replace him with Saiyan Saga Goku or Bardock. Use Shallot in the Core instead.
After getting shallot to ssg use this core

  1. Ssj 4 Goku (pur)
  2. Ssg Shallot (lgt)
  3. Bardock (red) or Saiyan Saga Goku (Blu)

Thx alot