I need help building a team pls

I just started playing this game like 2 days ago and I don’t know what to do for a team and want some suggestions. Also, I have a lot of crystals and was wondering if I should save them, or use them (and if use them, what pack should I use for summoning?)
My SP and EX characters are below

Personally, I would save your crystals for summoning for better characters. Some characters to look out for are SSJ Vegito, Gogeta, SSB Goku, SSB Vegeta, and SSJ2 Gohan Red. Check out the gamepress tier list for the best characters and what characters to look out for! Also, for your team I would go with
SP Freiza Yellow
SP Coora Red
SP King Cold Blue
SP Freiza Blye
EX Frieza Blue
EX Frieza Yellow


Okey so Considering you’ve started to play not a long time Ago the team you’re gonna make here is not gonna stay for long ( cos Obviously you’ll get more characters in no time), even though I don’t feel like you need a real team comp while starting the game since you’re mostly gonna farm PVE, I’m still gonna try to come ou with something.

What I’ll do with these units will be a LineAge Of Evil/Freeza Force Team.
I’ll Use :
Core -
SP 1st Form Freeza BLU, SP Metal Cooler RED SP Final Form Freeza YEL, SP
Bench -
Final Form Cooler BLU and the two EX 1st form Freeza you have (BLU and YEL)

It’s not gonna Be optimal but I guess It will do the trick for a good start and I’m not going to explain Why this team is okay or not since your unit bank will change a lot in a very short period of time even though I don’t advise you to start PVP ( take time to farm and learn the game a bit before)
About the team Above Still, I’d advise you to Max the core characters ( Even tho SP FF Cooler BLU is good he’s a bit less efficient and getting Z-boosted less than the others so I wouldn’t Use it in the core nor farm him up to 3000 first)

About your ressources I’d Advise you to wait a bit untill you know what kind of a team you want to run so You know what Pools to do.
Just keep grinding tickets and do the 20 CC summons

Save them for now. The current banners arent great. So atm, you’re really just gonna be using yout best units. So my advice is just consilt the game press tier list until you build up enough of a roster to make an actual team. You kinda have a lineage of evil core and it has good color diversity so thats a good start for now. You’d run Metal cooler red, ff cooler blue and ff freiza yellow.

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You don’t have alot of good units yet, but those are the only ones I can see that have any sort of synergy. As a beginning player, you could alternatively just use your most leveled up characters until you get some better ones, but that is temporary.

Thats FF Cooler, not king cold bud. Lol


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Ahah Qwerty Boi wants a King cold added to the game lmao

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That said, tbh im surprised robo freiza and king cold havent been added yet.


Wow, I’ve literally been calling him King Cold the entire time idk why :joy::joy::joy:


Robo freeza : +400% damage taken against Trunks Variant LMAOOO


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Lmao just imagine that character as a troll cha Like Hercule or SP Yamcha PUR, we could make an insanely trolly team.

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Hey man idk what your talking about troll, Hercule is well known as the best fighter in the game, people simply don’t use him because he’s too good.

Lol a troll team would be awesome tho

This thread has turned into something great


And its all because @dracus07 and @LazzKwat needed to publicly make sure I was recognized as stupid for saying King Cold :rofl:

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For the teams I have nothing to add, the team @dracus07 said is just as I would say.
As for the CC (crystals) I would say to save them, 1.9k is not that much. That’s one multi summon. 5K and up can be called alot. So save them as hard as you can!!!

As for getting better units, only do the daily summons that only cost 20 cc. Further on use all the free tickets you might get and look in your missions to see what you can do to make the most cc. Doing the full story mode would grant you alot of cc and raising the best fighter for your story: Shallot.
Also start doing the event story called “Raditz attacks” you will get EX Raditz from that and he is one of the top bench characters you will need. And the easiest to get.