I need help building a team

Hi, it would be nice if someone could help me building a solid team as I’m just playing casually and never really got serious with team building but would like to improve

Can you send your extremes as well?

A little updated
Sorry I can only post 1 picture per post

Saiyan Team:
Core: Goku Black Rosé, SSB Vegeta and God Vegeta
Bench: SSJ Goku -Red-, SSJ Goku -Green- and EX Goku.

Hello I need help making my pvp team plz help me ;;~;;

Can you send a picture of all of your characters? (Sparking and Extremes).

Yellow-Blue Counter Team:
Core: Hit, SSJGoku -Yellow- and SSJ Bardock
Bench: Super Vegeta, SSJ2 Goku and EX Tien.

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I would love it if you can help me create a team for PvP

I have an okay team but I need someone to help me so can you help me make a good team with super vegito in it? Or if you think there is a better one, go for it :slight_smile: also how can I put pictures as it says the file is too big

I need help building a team it doesn’t matter as long as it’s good

I need help too I have no idea about this game